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These Online Dating Profile Tips WILL Jumpstart Your Russian Dating Game

Who wouldn’t want to just show up on a Russian dating online website and be able to score a date with ALL Russian babes there?

If this isn’t every man’s paradise, they we aren’t sure what is. Turns out, there’s actually an answer to the question “how to date a Russian girl and be ‘likeable’ on Russian dating websites?”

Better yet, don’t need to be nervous about figuring out how to score first dates with tons of Russian beautiful ladies.

Let us introduce to you… Chris, one of the most likeable guys on CharmDate who has been on more first dates with Russian single women than you’ve had trips to grocery stores.

meet Russian singlesIf you want to learn online dating profile tips to improve your skills at Russian ladies dating, you may want to ask Chris for advice!

Your profile pic is everything

Your profile pic on Russian dating websites is the first thing that Russian babes notice. In fact, it’s the one factor that can help you either stand out from the crowd or be just like the rest of undateable dudes with terrible profile pics out there.

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So you may want to hear what Chris has to say about setting your profile photo when it comes to dating in Russia. “Generally, there are a couple of rules. Smile. Face forward. No shirtless pics. And professional-looking photos certainly give you an upper hand compared to mirror selfies. Oh, and no group pics,” says Chris, who has had tremendous success at meeting Russian single women on CharmDate.

Don’t be like everyone else

Use your online dating profile to show that you’re NOT like the rest of guys in the basic-man meat pile. That means: show that you actually have a personality.

If you love working out at the gym, it may not be the best idea to line up your dating profile with nothing but gym photos or shirtless pics. Or if you’re passionate about traveling, nobody wants to be seeing pics of the Eiffel Tower or Grand Canyon.

I mean, it’s awesome that you’ve been there, but you’re supposed to be showcasing YOURSELF on a dating websites to meet Russian beautiful ladies, not your traveling achievements.

Personalize your bio

If you truly want to meet Russian singles, never underestimated the power of an online dating bio. It’s there for a reason, so you may want to use it to your own advantage.

You’ve probably seen countless bios from other dudes on Russian dating websites. And it’s generally all that “I’m hard-working,” “I enjoy long walks on the beach” and “I’m a caring and loving person” nonsense.

You’ve probably even copy-pasted those things in your own bio in the hopes to attract more Russian single women, but you actually did the opposite. If you’re wondering how to date a Russian girl, be unique when it comes to creating your bio.

“Let your bio reflect your personality in a unique way. Be approachable, and a little bit a humor never hurts!” Chris says.

Work on your opening line

how to date a Russian girlUnlike pickup lines, opening lines do work. You don’t need to get super creative or Google some funny jokes or pickup lines to start online conversations with Russian babes. What you do need, however, is to customize your opening line.

Don’t just send out the same message to multiple Russian beautiful ladies over and over again. Instead, browse through the girl’s profile and pics and try to customize your opening line based on the information on her profile.

Don’t wait too long to ask her out

Sure, chatting on Russian dating websites can be super fun, and you can be charming, and you can be falling in love with one another just by texting or having video chat sessions.

But a physical date is what truly matters. After all, people sign up on CharmDate not to find pen pals. They are there for other reasons: dating and finding the match.

So make sure you’re not that guy who doesn’t have the courage to ask a girl out on a first date after weeks or months of chatting. When it comes to Russian dating, “be proactive,” says Chris.

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