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Things Insecure People (or “Lover”) Can’t Hide

Most of guys think that it’s hard for them to understand a Russian woman. Sometimes this can be the blasting fuse which leads to a big argument, and after the fight, guys still don’t get it: What’s the big deal? What exactly did I do wrong?

Well, if you and your partner have had enough fights and all the fights are for one thing, or she kept asking you a same question, or simply speaking, you just felt like you were bullying her in this relationship because she always looked so hurt, you should realize that it’s not something wrong with the magic of love, but she may be a insecure person.

What is insecurity? You may not able to see it in an empathetic way if you’re NOT an insecure one. There is never a time or a place when you feel safe, real or secure with yourself. Sounds kind of sad, right? But it got advantages too. You know, insecurity makes people keep going and work harder, and to be a better man. So, the thing is, being insecure is not the biggest problem but it is often misunderstood by the people around someone insecure. And that’s why you and your insecure girlfriend fought a lot.

Why are Russian girls hotInsecure lovers are attractive, actually. You know why? Because they can show the qualities of enthusiasm, loyalty and aesthetic feeling of tension, in the first place. These qualities are definitely something you want so badly from a girl who you’re planning to marry, if you are dating Russian women or you want to find Russian wives (find a Russian wife here!) And insecure lovers can give you more and more being loved feelings afterwards because they’re insecure themselves. Why are Russian girls hot? Because insecure lovers are sometimes hot. If you find a Russian woman, who is insecure, and you really love her, what you should do is to treasure her, not to think her annoying and ignore her.

So I’m going to tell you the signs that insecurity people can’t hide, in case that you miss a good girl for misunderstanding.

1. They never feel confident or settled.

An insecure individual never feels like they’re safe or settled in their own skin. Usually experiences in their past perpetuate the insecurity. They live in a place of temporary and they never get comfortable because it could all be gone.

Talk to her, if you don’t know what happened to her in the past. Comfort her, if you’ve already known what she experienced.

2. They failed being mature.

find a Russian woman hereThey act like a child, asking you the same questions over and over and over. What your answer is seems doesn’t matters, they are not going to accept it anyway. Sometimes you can’t help thinking that she is waiting for a negative answer.

They can’t trust anyone, they can’t even believe in themselves because they’re so afraid.

3. Constantly ask if you are mad at what they have done.

Insecurity makes people become sensitive, which leads to them constantly asking if they have done something to make you mad. They will see your tired face as not happy face and put it down to themselves. They are worried that they will lose you if they don’t do what you want.

If so, tell her constantly that I love you not and how much you care.

4. They have a tendency to mess up their relationships.

Some insecure people never feel they deserve anything good. That leads to overreactions to things and pushing people away when they fear that things are going badly to protect themselves.

You can’t understand a girl who seems deeply in love with you says a lot about leaving you. They don’t really want to leave. They just can’t accept the bad ending.

5. They don’t feel comfortable in socialization, so they usually have one or two friends they cling to.

Some of insecure people seem like social butterflies, but deep down, they’re not. They just act like that to hide the insecurity. So, how to find out if she is really sociable or not?

Insecure people typically like to have one to two friends to cling to because that makes them feel more secure and real. Usually only being able to have one close friend at a time, and their friendship is their safety zone when out with others.

6. They desire Russian online

Insecure people crave approval, however, they won’t accept it anyway. They’re madly eager for acceptance and approval, but even if the very thing they desire stares them in the face, they’d refuse to see it.

It also explains that why she asks you a question over and over. She asks again because she chooses not to believe your words. For example, you said that you aren’t going to meet Russian online, she wouldn’t buy it.

7. They are clingy.

They would be jealous of your past relationships with other people, (so don’t peek sexy Russian women pictures on hot Russian dating sites!) and at the same time, they’re afraid of their jealousy will make you not pleased so they’ll try their best to hide this feeling. Most of time, they would be clingy. You may be glad at first and may get bored very soon, because you feel lose your own space or something? Someone who lack of secure badly needs you feeding her soul, or it feels empty.

But most of them both want 100% you and are afraid of making you uncomfortable, so they won’t do something more excessive than being clingy.

8. They don’t come across as insecure until you get to know them.

Insecure people are very good at masking the person so fearful inside, they develop a hard outer shell, which makes them feel like an imposter all the time. That’s why it takes time to know if a girl is an insecure lover. Smartly use the time well, to know a person better, I mean, if you want to know if she’s an insecure, to know why she becomes so as well, to know what has happened to her and to know if you love her no matter what.

Being insecure is not an easy thing to live with or to overcome. But you should believe and you can help her, at least, try to believe that true love can solve any problems. Bless you!