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Things (Other Than Sex) Women Count As Cheating

You may think that hanging around on online dating website is innocent, but your girlfriend thinks you’re crossing the red line.

Researches presented surprising results of its survey into cheating, revealing that it’s not only having sex with someone else, kissing or texting that counts at an act of infidelity.

Turns out, Russian women – as well as Western women – pointed out seven relationship-breaking issues that may be affecting your relationship.

You may think you’re being completely faithful – after all, you’re not sleeping around or kissing around other Russian girls on line, right? – but your girlfriend probably still thinks you’re “cheating” on her, if you’re doing any of the following:

1. Ouch, are you having an emotional affair?

Russian girls on lineDo you have a female friend? That’s great. But it may not be so great for your relationship.

The research found that a staggering 61% of women believe you don’t need to be physically intimate (think: sex, kissing) with someone else to be considered a cheater.

Remember that time you two needed to talk about something serious, but you instead went to talk to your female friend?

Well, let’s hear Russian young women out. If you go for emotional support to your female friend, your girlfriend thinks you’re being unfaithful as this girl may soon replace her.

Think about it: have you ever thought about being with that female friend? She’s understanding you like no one else, being so great at emotional support and all… Why wouldn’t you marry her?

That’s exactly what your girlfriend is thinking. If you’re truly confident that your current girlfriend is THE ONE, then you might want to start trusting her with your feelings and cut off emotional ties to female friends.

It doesn’t make sense going to other Russian women for chat because your girlfriend can’t help you out emotionally.

If you can’t share your feelings with your girlfriend out of fear of being criticized or judged, then you might be dating the wrong person.

2. Still hanging out on online dating website? You’re a cheater!

If you’re still maintaining an active online dating profile to date Russian singles – and worse, if your girlfriend is aware of it – your girl, like a whopping 70% of other women, thinks you’re cheating or are on the brink of having an affair.

all single Russian girlsWhy would you possibly want to maintain an online dating profile if you’ve agreed on getting serious with your girlfriend? It doesn’t make sense to women.

But don’t raise your eyebrows in sheer surprise and start pointing a finger at your laptop, saying “Damn, those women are ridiculous!” just yet.

Let’s see a woman’s perspective on this one.

Chatting with all single Russian girls suggests that you want to have sex with other women or that you’re looking to meet Russian women for marriage because you’re not confident enough in your current relationship.

Well, that’s kind of insulting to the woman you’re dating. If you’re not sure if she’s THE ONE, you may want to stop letting her on to not waste either of your time.

3. Flirting with other women? Bad move.

Sending flirty texts is considered to be almost as much “cheating” as hanging out on online dating websites that bustle with Russian women looking for older men.

You may find it fun and innocent, but 60% of women think you sending flirty messages to other girls is an act of infidelity.

Why would you possibly want to make the girl you’re texting swoon over or dampen her panties if you aren’t planning to have sex with her later?

Is that satisfying your ego or raising your own self-esteem? Well, whatever this is, getting flirty with other women is a major red flag to your girlfriend.

If you’ve lost your enthusiasm in flirting with your girlfriend, you may want to either bring the spark back into your relationship or end this relationship altogether, as flirting with other Russian women will eventually destroy your relationship anyway.

If you feel like you haven’t had enough women in your life and you’re not ready yet to commit to a one-and-only-woman-in-my-life relationship, then you may want to break up before things get messy.

4. Wining and dining other woman

meet Russian women for marriageOh, is that female friend of yours is still not out of the picture? Don’t dump her just yet (if you chose your current girlfriend over her), as she might be useful for this one as well.

Have you ever gone to dinner with your female friend while in a relationship with your current girlfriend?

Or it shouldn’t be a friend, it can be anyone you’re attracted to. More than 40% of women think that having dinner with another women is an act of infidelity.

And really, why would you want to wine and dine some other women if your girlfriend could be in her place, sipping wine, eating pasta, laughing at your jokes and looking at you in adoration?

Unless it’s a business-related dinner (if it’s REALLY business, not an excuse for your girlfriend to justify taking out another woman to dinner), you may want to cut off any dinners with other women from your life.

Instead, invest all that money you spend in a restaurant on another woman in your girlfriend. After all, she’s the one who’ll be sharing the bed with you tonight… Or did you have something else in plans for this ‘other woman’?

5. Watching porn without her

Russian women for chatHey, getting caught watching porn by your parents can be an awkward experience. But they wouldn’t throw you out of the house for it.

Your girlfriend is a different story. Turns out, about 22% of women place watching porn without her on the same footing as cheating.

While most guys think that watching porn is harmless and doesn’t mean you’re ready to do all those things they do in porn to the actress starring in your favorite video (though you actually might want it, if you were given the opportunity, right?), your girlfriend might be one of those considering your passion for X-rated videos to be cheating.

That’s all about your girlfriend’s ego. If you’re watching porn without her, she automatically thinks she’s not able to satisfy you when the lights go off in your bedroom.

Either cut your porn watching to a very minimum (and do it when she’s not around to avoid getting caught, clear browsing history and all that) or offer her to watch porn with you before your own porn-like session.

In fact, watching porn together may improve your sex life, so it’s worth the shot!

6. Still friends with your ex-girlfriend on Facebook? That’s cheating.

… or at least that’s what about 20% of women think about your friendship with your ex-girlfriend.

You may not even realize that your former flame is still in your list of Facebook friends, but your current girlfriend certainly knows it!

Unless you’re a frequent visitor on your ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page to check up on her how she’s doing (though you may want to stop doing if you’re in a relationship), it would be a relationship-healthy decision to unfriend her.

After all, be sure that your girlfriend may be monitoring your list of Facebook friends on everyday basis – so you unfriending your former girlfriend can help prevent heated arguments.