Single Colombian ladies

Things She’ll Notice About You Right Away

First impression is more important than you thought. My husband said that when he saw me in the first sight, he was like, “She’s the woman I’m going to marry!” Well, of course that what following time is the key whether you two can live happily ever after, but you should persuade her with first impression that you’re worthy of her valuable time and attention. And that’s why you have to know what a woman notice about a man immediately.

1th: Physical Stature

Height and weight, no doubt, are right on top of the list of things women notice. Too short is definitely a negative point, and sometimes too thin either. Single girls love the tall boys, and I think you knew it already.beautiful girl Latina

However, most girls, especially sexy Latino ladies, would rather choose a fat man than a thin one. You may be surprised but here’s the reason. Latin beautiful girls believe that a scraggy man can’t protect his girlfriend for he doesn’t have enough masculinity.

But to be frankly, the acceptable range is influenced by the woman’s own height and weight. But size always matters.

sexy Latino ladies

2th: Appearance

Pretty boys have an advantage, but there’re more than that. Single Colombian ladies care more about what you do with your hair, your clothes and personal hygiene. That is to say, are you or are you not attractive to girls.

Attractiveness is beyond your genetic determined factors and you have to make the effort on it, otherwise she certainly won’t spend her time knowing more about you.

It’s worth mentioning that high-arched noses are awarded marks simply because Colombian single women think that nose get something with size, if you know what I mean.

3th: Hands & Fingers

It’s true that Colombian hot women notice your hands and fingers in the first date. Do you have a big hand that can hold her little hand fully and completely? And which, in this way, can give her a sense of security. Long fingers and clean nails make her feel more comfortable while being with a total stranger.

If you have beautiful hands, there will be no hostility from Colombian woman dating. There’s a research saying that girls would easily believe in a man who has attractive pair of hands.

So, get a manicure before you meet Colombian girls.

4th: Eye Contact

The very first thing that a human would notice at the first sight is the eye. But now we are not talking about if you have beautiful eyes. In fact, the shape of you eyes or the lashes are not what women concern. They have different appetite, you know. Though, beautiful girl Latina will care if you look her into her eyes while talking to her.

Careful, what you are looking at is the crucial thing.

If you want to make her like you at the first place, you shouldn’t avoid her eyes. Look back directly with friendly and concentrated expression would help. This can make ladies feel secure and considered.

The other hand, don’t look at something you shouldn’t. So what things you shouldn’t focus on with your eyes? The answer is, well, the other women.

Should you shoot a glance at another girl’s hip for just one minute, she will definitely notice that. What do you expect? Focus on her and her only. This is the basic manner of first date, if you don’t want her think that you’re an irresponsible and frivolous playboy.

Researches point out that what women notice in the first few minutes is appearance-based. So maybe when appearances don’t make the cut, the door slams shut on further interactions. Yet the appearances are not equal to your look, but means what you make yourself look indeed.