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Things Women Hate About Your Social Media Behavior

If you’re looking for beautiful Russian brides, there are certain types of social media behavior that you might want to avoid if you don’t want to scare off all Russian girls.

We need to talk about it, seriously. Fellas, there are certain things women hate about your social media behavior.

Not sure if your social media behavior is acceptable or alluring in the eyes of beautiful Russian ladies? Check the list below!

Acting Like You’re a Big Shot

Russian mature datingOkay, no sexy Russian girl wants to date an arrogant dude who spouts his pompousness and pretentious badass everywhere he goes.

You might think that you’re acting tough on social media and all Russian girls dream of jumping into bed with you, but… you’re wrong.

But here’s where it gets tricky. Some men are unaware of their arrogant behavior on social media.

If you don’t want to come off as a cocky, pompous dude who has so much love for himself he’d drown in it, then just be natural and humble on social media.

Meaning: don’t try to humiliate every person you get into an online fight with, take your arrogance down a notch when writing statuses and don’t brag much.

And remember: humility and self-deprecation give you so much more chances to meet and marry Russian girl online.

Desperately Trying to Pick Up Every Girl

All single men on social media are making the same mistake over and over again and then they wonder why no sexy Russian girl is willing to date them.

You know the secret how to date Russian girl, or any girl for that matter, is in making that girl feel special.

Now think: if you keep trying to approach and pick up just about every Russian girl beautiful picture online, will any of these girls actually feel special?

In fact, no girl with self-respect would ever want to date a guy who’s trying to get laid desperately and indiscriminately.

Meaning: if you’re in a chat or Twitter/Facebook thread with many beautiful Russian ladies in the comment section, choose one particular girl whom you like the most and approach only her.

There may be literally dozens of gorgeous girls that keep posting comments in that chat/thread, but you have to stick with only one.

Magic trick: Not so much magic involved, but if you’re messaging those girls privately (i.e. other girls won’t see your attempts to get a girl), you’ll be fine.

Posting Whiny Statuses

If a girl is looking for Russian men photos, she wants to see a real Russian girl

You may have a beard, a short haircut and a buffed body, but if you’re posting whiny statuses it makes you seem like less of a man.

Complaining about life on social media – for everyone to see – is… well, pathetic. If you’re truly going through something bad in your life, you might want to save all those whiny things for a psychologist’s office.

Meaning: It’s okay to let your Twitter or Facebook followers know that your day at work sucked or that you’re tired like a dog, but keep those posts to a minimum.

Bonus tip: Being too negative on social media won’t help you meet and marry Russian girl online. Instead, treat the time you spend online as something positive.

Both younger girls and women in Russian mature dating tend to gravitate towards positive guys. Keep that in mind.

Making Your Life Look Too Perfect

marry Russian girl online…when it’s not.

Have you ever been on an Instagram page of pretty much any sexy Russian girl?

Have you ever wondered, “Why are their lives so great all the time?” Because that’s social media and you can choose whatever bits of your life you want share with other people.

That’s called: making your look too perfect. When girls do it, it’s okay. Really, why not?

But when guys do it, that’s a whole different story. We do live in a double-standard society, and it’s just not OK for a guy to post pictures of himself posing in front of fancy cars, especially when those are not his cars.

That’s actually part of the “acting like a big shot” behavior on social media.

The same goes for guys who Photoshop their bodies to add more muscles and leanness, and make themselves appear picture-perfect.

When a girl goes on a date with you and she sees that you’re not who you pretend to be on social media, it can get you in trouble.

Taking Too Many Mirror Selfies

That’s once again a bit of a double-standard issue.

While it’s perfectly fine for a girl to be posting mirror selfies every half an hour to keep her followers entertained, when a guy does it – it’s totally NOT okay.

…especially the shirtless mirror selfies. They are the worst.

Posting mirror selfies makes you look like a loner who has no friends. Instead, take photos with your friends (not drunk photos from wild parties though) to show that you’re an easygoing person.

That’s something beautiful Russian ladies love.