Russian ladies

Three awesome benefits to dating Russian girls!

If you’re anything like me you’ve been fascinated with Russian ladies for a very long time indeed. I remember being a kid during the 1980s, during the Cold War when it was fashionable that every bad guy to cross the screen of a Hollywood thriller was a Russian. And where there was a Russian bad guy, you know there had to be some bad Russian girls too.

So for me, maybe that’s where the very grown-up feelings I have today for Russian women came from, who knows? What I do know is they had a toughness combined with a savvy sexiness that even teenage me found irresistible.

What we all know is how beautiful and sexy Russian women are. Long and lean, no-nonsense ladies, those of us lucky enough to date Russian womenRussian women know that it is heavenly.

But did you know that you can reap other benefits from dating Russian women besides having a smoking hot Russian girl on your arm as you parade around the town watering hole making your friends’ mouths water with jealousy?

In this article we discuss the additional benefits to Russian dating, the ones that you won’t find on any Russian girl dating site. Here are a few of their secrets:

  • Tough but sexy – Sometimes art imitates life. Just like in those Cold War propaganda movies from my youth, Russian women really are super tough, but super hot as well. We all know about the hot and sexy part. Hell, Russian women are a great reason all by themselves to watch tennis, even if you don’t like the sport at all! But guess what? They are also tough as nails. You’ve seen video of male Russian drivers getting into it on the side of the road? The same thing happens with Russian women. They don’t take any crap off of anybody. But they are still among the most feminine, soft and loving creatures you will ever encounter in any country. Their upbringing and genetics have given them the gift of seamlessly melding tough and sexy and sweet into one amazing chilled vodka shot of a package that you definitely want to get your hands on.
  • Russian datingMore approachable – It seems like it might be a contradiction after all that about how tough Russian women are, but the truth is they are really approachable at the same time. In a weird way its their very toughness that makes them so easy to talk to: unlike many American and British women who tend to have a fearfulness about them that won’t allow them to even entertain the possibility of a conversation with a strange man even in a crowded coffee shop in broad daylight, Russian women have no problem engaging with a confident, open guy who just walks right up and starts to chat. Personally I think they are so unconcerned with foreign guys because they know they could kick every one of our asses without even thinking about it, if it came down to it. The end result for you is you get to have real conversations with beautiful, confident women who have no pretense or false front to worry about maintaining. It is delightfully refreshing let me tell you
  • They appreciate men – This last one is one of the biggest contradictions about Russian girls, but not the last one you will ever see. They love men. They appreciate men and all that we do and are, and they treat us as equals, not monster to be feared or walking ATMs to be squeezed dry, but as people.

And that’s the biggest secret of all: being treated like a human being is awesome!