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Tips for a Great First Date with Russian Babes After Meeting Online

When it comes to dating Russian babes, nothing can be more challenging or frightful. Many people think these girls ought to come with instructions; however, dating them is not as daunting as one might believe. Several online dating sites are available for you to meet beautiful Russian girls, and once you have, you might need advice on how to go about that first in-person date.

Fear no longer. We have compiled a list of seven first date tips to help you with your first in person date with pretty Russian girls met through online dating sites. If you follow our seven tips, your first dates will no longer be a thing to fear but something to start looking forward towards.Russian girls

  1. Simplicity is Best

First, regardless if you have been talking six weeks or six months to one or ten girls from Russia. The whole time you’ve been talking, you’ve been talking via an online method. This first time you meet in person, you want to keep it simple just in case something goes wrong. We suggest going for coffee or drinks since either date can last a minimum of half an hour or last longer if the date is going well.

  1. Meet at the Designation

To insure everyone’s safety, and put everyone at ease, it is best if both parties meet at the designated meeting place. This way you can use the profile picture from the Russian girl photo online to see how accurate a depiction your date that evening truly is. Be assured she is doing the same with your profile pictures.

  1. Keep it PGand Complimentary

No matter how sexy Russia and its women may seem to you, keep all conversation rated PG. Also, Russian women like to be complimented especially about their age. You will win brownie points big time by telling your date how youthful she Russia

  1. Be Honest About Intentions

Yes, Russian mail order brides really do exist, but if this is not what you are looking for, be plain and truthful about what you ARE looking for. Nobody likes having games played with them including Russian women and including you. Treat each first date the way you would ultimately like to be treated. Be open and honest about what you really are looking for out of your hot Russian chicks.

  1. Phone Out of Sight

This shouldn’t need to be said, but so many people are guilty of having their phone out or being on their phones when in mixed company, and it is simply rude! Have your phone put away when on a date; your attention should be with your date not your phone. It might not irritate others as much as me, but it does send a subconscious message that your phone is more important than the person you are with, and no beautiful Russian woman will stand for it.

  1. Bring Flowers

Maybe not on every first date, but if there is one particular hot Russian woman you want to impress, then bring flowers. Russian women love flowers, and this will definitely win you big points with her.

  1. Be Yourself

Finally, if you are looking for a lasting dating relationship, be yourself. Trying to be someone you’re not will only disappoint you and your possible Russian mail order bride or Russian hottie in the long run.

If you want open honesty from even the hottest Russian woman, then they expect the same from you. The best dating advice anyone can give is let children play games and adults be adults in the dating world; especially the online dating world where obstacles occur and can be easily avoided with a little bit more honesty.