Tips to successfully date a Russian girl

What foreign men who desire to date Russian girls should know from the onset is that the odds are in their favor. This is because there are some traits which are common among Russian men that Russian women date. The simple translation is that it will be easy for a foreigner to win the heart of hot Russian girls if they know the right cards to play. However, there are also traits in Russian men that their women still crave for no matter how hard they deny it. By picking up these traits and incorporating it into your behavior, you completely silence off all competition. Below is a list of Russian dating personals that will help you successfully date Russian women without feeling the pressure of doing so.

Russian girls adore chivalry

russian-girls-to-marryEvery sexy Russian girl will want to look up to her man as her knight in shining armor. They crave for men who are courteous (because this is how men are brought up in their society). They like their man to carry them around, give them their seat in a Metro, open the door and bring out her seat at a table. Foreign men with an interest in Russian dating should pick up this trait if they do not already have them.

Looking nice is not negotiable

A Russian date will always look her best in front of her man (even when it is just for a walk down the street). When they look at you, they would want you to stand up to the level of dressing astonishingly. Foreign men have a greater advantage here because Russian men are often too shabby in appearance to the interest of their women.

Play the role of the gender bridge

Traditionally, Russian men are trained to show dominance over the female folks. As a foreigner looking for Russian girls to marry, you should understand that these girls will expect you to play the role of the man like the tradition of the Russians demand. On the other hand, Russian ladies will appreciate you more if you give them a sense of belonging by not only allowing them to air their opinion on certain matters but also making sure that their opinion counts.

Foreign men can easily play this role, unlike their Russian men counterparts who are adherent to the tradition that they often become too bossy on their Russian wives. You can encourage her to take up any career role she wants in the society in tandem to the changing societal roles of women. It also feels romantic when you cook and clean for her and not always expecting her to do them like most Russian men will.

Russian girls love gifts

russian-datingOne way to easily walk your way into the heart of a Russian girl is to shower her with gifts especially flowers. It has become almost like a law for Russian men to send flowers to their girlfriend on special occasions. Haven been brought up this way, she will appreciate it if you come along with a bouquet of flower.

It is so unfortunate that online dating Russian platforms have made dating so easy that some of the norms are lost especially that of gifting flowers. Many foreign men have become successful in dating Russian women online but if they are placed in the Russian society among Russian girls to repeat the same success story they fail. Irrespective of how much success you have made in dating Russian women online, it is always helpful to learn the traditional practice in case you get closer to her than just a screen chat.