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Top tips that will make that Russian woman fall for you

If you are reading this then you must have been wondering how to get that Russian woman fall head over heels for you and that’s why we are here for you. Your mission to get hooked to a Russian girl looking for marriage may seem like mission impossible but with the right tips and tricks you will scale through and become a discussion topic among your friends. Guess you are already itching to get the meat of the story. Patience. Let’s dig in.

Forget everything you have been told

Russian girl stereotypesNow, here is probably the most difficult part but if you crack this one, the rest of it is a walk over for you. Probably you have read dozens of books and articles about Russian girl stereotypes and some of this ideologies have become stuck in your head already that you begin to treat every petite Russian girl like a potential abusive lady and one that can be overly unreasonable. It is time to forget all that and take a leap to see what you will discover yourself. It is an adventure; don’t let people’s opinion dampen your spirit before you ever take the first step.

Mind your words

There are words you will use for a lady in your culture – like in America where girls are often called baby in a romantic fashion – that may not exactly seem right to use when you are dating Russian women. Words like woman, baby, girl is a no-no. Russian women – no matter their age would prefer you to call them just ‘young woman’ or ‘young lady’. This is very important and probably the point other literature will fail to tell you.

Be a responsible man

What Americans may see as been responsible may be far off what Russians believe. For a Russian lady, a responsible man should be ready to carry her hand bag and pay for her meals whenever they go out on a date. If you are not ready to stand up to the financial and social implications of dating Russian girls, it is best you stay away because it will always be an issue between the two of you.

Hold that awkward question to yourself

Russian women photoThere are times you may be with a lady and find yourself looking for what to say to keep a conversation going between the two of you. As the silence grows, so will the pressure be on you to say something. It is at such moments that plenty men will make the mistake of asking silly question. Let’s say she offered you Russian women photo – probably those of her relatives and friends – and you make the mistake of asking, ‘are Russian women beautiful?’ then you smile in anticipation of a sugary response. This may be well intentioned but let us consider the connotations to this;

1. She may feel insulted and receive the rhetoric question as if you are doubting her beauty, or

2. She may begin to suspect that you have an eye on other girls (a cheap flirt).

It is best to put aside questions that will elicit ambiguous reactions especially if both of you are still getting to know each other.

There is always a difference between online and live dating

That you have been dating and succeeding in luring Russian girls online does not guarantee that you will be successful in live Russian girls dating. You don’t pay any bills for her online, you don’t carry her bags or open doors for her neither will your attitude be a source of worry when you are dating online but when it comes to the live show, even how you walk and dress matters a great deal.