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Understanding subtle cues given out by the body language of Russian girls

One of the most difficult moments when you date Russian girls is that of the initial approach. For several men, it is a moment of tension when their nerves are totally wrecked. They are not sure of how these Russian girls are going to react in their first meeting. Yet, there are ways of knowing whether the Russian singles you meet for the first time are into you or not. It would be easier if women came out and told their men during the first date whether they were interested in them or not. But, it doesn’t happen this way; they simply speak through their body language and there are subtle cues that you have to pick up to understand them. Men just don’t pick on those cues easily.

Russian sexy pictureWomen are complex when it comes to understanding how they feel. It is often hard to keep up with their body language and the mixed signals. So, how do you go about understanding the body language of a cute Russian?

These are the cues that you have to pay attention to when you go on a date with Russian perfect girls –

  • charmdatecomWatch her eyes and take the signals – The eyes of the woman you are dating are the place to look for as they are an important medium of non-verbal communication from her part. You will be able to know whether she is saying ‘I am looking for a serious relationship’ or not. Eye contact is a powerful move during your first meeting and it can show her that you would like to get intimate with her. Do not gaze too much into her eyes as that will make her feel uncomfortable.
  • Read her face correctly – It is not enough just to look at a Russian sexy picture when you are browsing online on a Russian dating site. The facial expression of your dating partner is the correct indicator of her mood during a date. When you find that her facial expression indicates softness and her eyes are fixed on you, then it means that the girl is interested and that she likes you. When you speak to her and her eyes are always on you, it means that she is interested in what you are saying.
  • See if her nostrils are flaring up – When you are trying to impress Russian bikini brides, take a look occasionally at their nostrils when you are speaking to them. If their nostrils are totally flared up, it means that they are not happy about something and they are in an angry mood but if the nostrils are only slightly flared, it means that they are sexually aroused in your company. So, always take a peek at the nose when you are chatting with them.
  • When she bites her lip, it means that she is ready for you physically – When you see a tall Russian girl biting her lower lip when you speak to her on your first date, it means that she wants you, sexually. This is an important sign that a woman is sexually interested in you.
  • Fiddling – When big Russian women fiddle with their jewellery or with their hair when they are speaking with you on a date, it means that they are both nervous and excited in your company and that is a good sign. It means that when they spend their time with you, they are nervous in a positive way.Russian perfect girls
  • Giggling – A giggle is an important factor that you will have to look out for on a date. A woman would be interested in your company when she would giggle at most of the things that you say to her.
  • Blushing – This body language sign is a certain giveaway that a woman is interested in you when she blushes during a date when you chat with her one-on-one.

Your first date need not be one that is a nerve-wracking experience for you. Once you understand how to read the subtle cues given out by the body language of your date, you are well on your way for being prepared to be receptive to your dates and towards starting a successful relationship.charmdate