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Unusual Presents for Russian Women

If you want to impress a Russian woman – or any woman, for that matter – giving her a creative present is a sure way to do it. But when we say a ‘creative present’, we don’t mean a flower or a lipstick. We mean: writing her a poem, for example.

russian womenWrite a song just for her
If you got at least a little of Shakespeare growing inside of you, you could try writing a song for a Russian woman of your interest. Make it personal – direct the words in the song specifically for her. Make it so that she is the only one who can recognize herself in the words written by you.
Don’t copy and paste songs written by other people, because sooner or later the sexy Russian girl will stumble across those words, and boy she will be mad at you! Let the words flow from your heart, and make the song as much about her as you can.
Ship a cute present to her home
If you are a romantic type, you could ship a cute present – such as a huge teddy bear holding a heart with her name written on that heart. Such a present would serve as a reminder of you. Any Russian woman would find this move cute and somewhat surprising, as Russian men rarely give their ladies presents such as teddy bears. Let a sexy Russian girl of your interest feel warm at night with this big teddy bear!
Learn a few Russian wordsrussian girls
Russian women appreciate it when foreigners take interest in Russian culture and language. Specifically, when foreigners try to learn the Russian language. So you should do that: learn a few Russian words so could every once in a while show off your skills in the chatroom with her. Russian babes might be sexy and all, but who won’t melt at a foreign man’s attempt to speak your language?
Opt for not just standard language phrases, but also more advanced ones. Like, say, you could Google the most commonly used phrases in the Russian language from movies and books. This way, you get to entertain the lady of your interest.
Play guitar for her (or any other music instrument)
If you have a talent for playing guitar, consider singing a song for Russian girls. Instead of googling ‘Russian mail-order brides prices’, learn a verse or two of some romantic song instead. If you can accompany your guitar with a little bit of drums, that’s especially great! Who wouldn’t melt watching a man playing guitar and singing a romantic song written for you?
The kind of present you choose to surprise Russian brides depends solely on you and your talents. You might be able to play guitar, but you might not be so good at writing songs. So it’s kind of obvious what you’re going to choose in that case. No matter how hot the Russian woman is, she is going to appreciate the present you’ve prepared for her.