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Want to get your profile noticed by Russian girls online? Here’s five great tips to get you started!

People talk all the time about how amazing it is to have the internet. And don’t get me wrong–I love it! Especially if you’re into dating Russian women, the internet is the way to go.

Heck, it’s the only way, when you get down to it. believe me, I am on my knees every night thanking the gods of the web and technology and any other gods I can think of that in our modern age we have the ability to reach out to women of all types and cultural backgrounds. If we had been born fifty years earlier, what chance would we ever have had to meet Russian women at all, let alone what chance would we have had to actually chat with, video message, and even possibly make a Russian bride out of one?

Russian brideAlmost zero chance, that’s what. Which is why its difficult for me to say this:

The internet is your friend, but it is also your enemy.

Let me explain: it is a great boon to us to be able to access so many different dating websites and peruse so many different profiles of potential Russian brides, costing us nothing, oftentimes, or at the very most, a small monthly fee.

But here’s the flip side of that: there are a million other guys out there online just like you. Hate to break it to you, kid, but your unique contribution to the human species might just be going unnoticed amid the forest of dudes’ profiles cluttering up the web.

  • So how are you going to stand out? Here are a few quick and dirty tips to get you noticed online.Fix your photos – are your photos recent? Be honest: have you been flogging the same tired photo all across the web on a million different dating sites? A million different Russian mail order brides websites? Here’s the thing, champ: you check out a lot of different websites that cater to the same tastes–what makes you think she doesn’t do that too? Update your photos. And don’t just do a deep search of your hard drive for old pics you may have forgotten about. Get outside and get some new ones! Show these Russian girls what guys do for fun in your country–show them you are fun!
  • Re-read your essays – How long ago did you post that screed on how you prefer My Little Pony over G.I. Joe on a drunken dare from a friend. Yikes. Bet you forgot that was on there for your potential new Russian old lady to read. Maybe you should go over them a bit more closely, yeah?Russian brides
  • Cut cut cut – Are you familiar with the phrase “too long; didn’t read?” That applies to dating profiles too. No one is going past your 17th paragraph in which you go on a long digression laying out the relative virtues of Zombies versus Cowboys. You may have a sense of self satisfaction at how erudite you are, but believe me no one will ever know from that, because no one is going to read all of it.
  • Don’t criticize online dating! – Even if you do this with tongue in cheek and from a self-deprecating place, its going to come across badly. It’s the very thing you are engaged in at that very moment–how does it look if you suggest you are too good for it, but the person you’re trying to chat up isn’t? At best you look cynical, at worst you look bitter. Don’t.