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What a Ukraine Beauty is Likely to Think if you Label Your Exes as Crazy

The last topic of conversation to have on a date with a Ukraine beauty is talking about old relationships.  However, on some occasions, it’s impossible to avoid the topic especially if you’ve been asked a direct question.  One thing you should avoid at all costs is calling your exes crazy.  Ukraine girls, Russian girls and all types of girls will generally be put off by this type of condemnation.

If your ex really does have mental health problems, then it’s very insensitive to call her crazy and no girl is going to be impressed by such casual unkindness. If she doesn’t have mental health issues, then calling her crazy usually means you did something you’re not proud of.  Just because an old relationship is over, and you are not in love with the girl anymore, it doesn’t mean you have dealt with the emotional fallout in a healthy way.

Ukraine onlineWomen on real Ukraine dating sites are not going to be impressed if you feel like it’s okay to talk about someone you used to love like that.  Think about it from their perspective.  Why would she want to get emotionally involved with someone who might turn around when things don’t work out and appropriate nefarious defamations against her by questioning her sanity?

If you’re capable of such insensitivity, then you’ve probably also thought about getting a Russian mail order bride; wake up and realize that the world exists outside your tiny scope of slanted opinions.

This article looks at why it’s damaging to call an ex crazy and why it’s never going to help your chances of being with Ukraine females looking for husband material. You can pick the best one Ukraine female for you.

Saying she’s crazy shows immaturity

One thing that all exes have in common is that they tried to make things work and it failed.  That is rarely just one person’s fault. Chat Ukraine free services have a host of girls who all agree that a guy calling his ex-crazy shows that he is not mature enough to realize his faults and accept some of the blame for why things didn’t work out.  If you tell a girl, you like that your ex is crazy then she’ll probably think you’re immature and downright nasty.

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Maybe you were the crazy one

Just look online, Ukraine ladies have commented in their thousands about how most criticisms that people have of their exes is based on a distorted reflection of the negative aspects they hope to conceal and will not accept about themselves. More often than not, it’s only someone who actually acted irrationally in a relationship that would actually label the other person as crazy.  Even if your ex really did act melodramatic, obsessively jealous or irrational then what good is it in defaming her after you’ve broken up?

More often than not, these types of behaviors in a relationship are an emotional cry for help and although it’s not your burden to carry, spreading negative opinions is extremely damaging.  Most women will find no quality more respectful than magnanimity. Instead of labeling her as crazy you could just say that you had your differences and the situation became untenable. Neither of you were happy or growing as people. The only sensible thing to do was to end things and it’s sad and regretful to think that someone you loved could end up being someone you were unable to get along with in the end.


There are lots of Ukraine dating sites, but you cannot trust all. Real Ukraine online dating sites are a few. You can have good options out there. There is absolutely no use in saying anything negative about someone. If things didn’t work out, then you should look deeply and rationally about why that happened. Labels like crazy are extremely damaging and totally unfair.  Be sensitive and the new women in your life will highly appreciate it.