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What should you do When a Girl from Colombia Medellin Doesn’t Text Back

Colombia Medellin is a beautiful city and so are the Latina women from this place. Like all places in the world, here also you will meet girls who will refuse to text or call back. It’s common, so worry not and read on to know what you can do in such a situation.

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Love in Latin is as complicated as in any other language. You met a girl, you liked her and she gave you her number but that does not mean she liked you too. May be she gave the number out of pity or maybe she gave you a wrong number and your messages are going to someone else. So, the point is there may be n number of reasons for her not calling and texting back. So, what should a guy do?

  1. May be she is busy

If you do not hear from mature Latin women after the first date, you can give them a benefit of doubt by assuming that may be she is very busy with her college and work and will revert to you as soon as she gets time. There is also a chance that your date fell sick or if she has kids, they aren’t doing well. The point is, like can be too much sometimes and there is a chance that your date is just too busy to even breathe properly.

  1. She gave you her number out of pity

There is a high chance that your date did not have a good time with you but she still gave you her number out of politeness. Beautiful Latina girls are very soft at heart and do not like hurting people. It’s understandable that not receiving a text or call back is rude too but you will have to understand that some people like to avoid conflict in the present and do not mind facing it passively in the future. Do not feel heartbroken and stop bugging the lady once you realize she is not interested in you. Show her that you are a matured man and know how to handle rejection with grace.

Colombia Medellin,Beautiful Latina girls

  1. May be she got bored

When you look at Colombian women photos and think they are easy to please, you cannot be more wrong. Colombian women are beauty with brains and cannot tolerate non sense for a long time. If she ghosted you right after the first date, you should clearly get the message that she is not interested. Even if she ghosts you after a few conversations you should take your time and think what did you do get this kind of a reaction. May be you really bored her with not so thought provoking conversations. Colombian women love interesting conversations and if you have failed to do that, you cannot blame the lady.

  1. May be she is giving you a hint

Beautiful Latin women do not like confrontation, so chances are that by not texting back or not calling you, your lady is giving you a hint that she is done and would like to be left alone. Do not bother the lady once you finally get the hint and give her some space. Let her think, may be she will come back to you after her thoughts clear up. If you keep pushing her with messages and calls, she may as well label you as a creep and run as far away from you as possible. So, leave the lady along and do not become a stalker by constantly trying to talk to her. Your attempts won’t help.

  1. May be she found someone else

If you met a Colombian candy online, had a good time and now she is not answering you calls, chances are that she met someone else and is busy with the new guy. It is a possibility that she got bored of you or did not like you in the first place and moved on to find another guy and why not. Every girl has a right to choose a guy who interests and humors her. If she did not like you, you have to accept that gracefully and move on rather than waiting till eternity for one message.

               6. May be you scared her


Receiving 20 messages a day is creepy and if you have done that during your chat online Colombia girls will never respond to you, in fact they will block you. So, if you have sent a lot of messages and made n number of calls you can also assume that you scared your girl from Colombia Medellin and now you are going to be dateless for the rest of your life. Don’t want that to happen? Learn some phone manners, give the lady some space and if she doesn’t respond at all, take the liberty to move on and find another lady.

Colombia Medellin,Love in Latin,