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Why Are You Always Attracted To Wrong Type?

First of all, I want to tell you a story of my friend.

Tony is a pilot, a captain, who is well educated and very nice. He has a satisfying salary and has extensive experience, and he is funny and good-looking, who could be a dream lover for Colombian women. Unfortunately, he has a history of three failed marriages.

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His first wife is an air attendant, who graduated from an unknown high school, didn’t go to a college and started her career. His second wife is an Internet celebrity, who he met on Instagram and she was only 19 when they got married. Tony’s last wife is a sexy Latin girl. Last year he got a flight to Colombia and encountered this girl in a bar, and they got married 20 days after.

After getting divorced with his last wife, he hang out with me one time and consulted me for the reasons why he always has bad luck on love.

Dear you, can you see the reasons why he failed again and again? It’s not so hard to find out, if you ask me. He is always attracted to wrong girls.

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Let me be clear, that the girl was not the right one for you doesn’t mean that it was the girl’s fault. If you had the same problem as my friend Tony, that is to say, had many failed relationships, you should know that you are the one who have a problem.

Why do you always pick the girl who is not right for you? Because you didn’t keep your eyes wide open to find the one. You met Colombian girl in a bar and after 20 days, you determined that she could be your bride? Either you looked down on marriage, or you have lost your mind. If a real stable relationship is what you want, you should never make your decision easily when you meet the stunning ladies.

Love bases on  understanding from each other. You will feel so bored if you and your partner have nothing in common. Let’s take an example: if you really want to date Colombia singles, you should at least learn their culture. If you can’t find anything you’re both interested in, how long do you expect this relationship to sustain?

Well, Tony’s second wife is a Youtuber, who loves luxury brands and is “high maintenance”. Tony was almost 40yr when he married his 19 years old wife, and what attracts this little girl, that I don’t have to say it out, is the wealth he has. He is rich enough to satisfy her dream life. And sadly, she is pretty enough to satisfy his lust.

Let’s talk about Tony’s first failed marriage. They had been together for six years, and they ended up because they had no common topics. Most of their time wasn’t being together, but he flied to west when she flied to east, and when they finally got the time sitting down on coach together, there was silence all the time.

Tony once said this to me: “Jessica (His first wife) just has nothing in common with me. She couldn’t get me when I told an extraordinary funny joke. She picked a movie that I wasn’t interested in at all. She just doesn’t know me.”

So, you may ask me why Tony got married with Jessica? It’s obviously because she was a pretty sexy girl and Tony loves pretty girls. It’ not his fault to fall in love with beautiful women, but when he asked me why he failed many times, I told him that it’s his fault to fall in love in the first sight of beautiful girls without knowing them.

Few days ago, Tony told me that he was going to meet Colombian singles on Colombia dating sites. And I suggested that he should learn to know girls not only from sites but also from their conversations. That’s what he hardly did in his three failed marriages. And why is he always attracted to wrong type? It’s because he make girls think that he just want meaningless relationship, and all he cares is sexually need. That’s the reason he attracts those girls who only want economic benefits from him.

The thing called desire is something called relative need. It’s the law of attraction. It means that if you rush into marriage with only the shallow notions of what love and responsibility mean, and the feedback you will get is same grade of interest sex.

So, like what I told Tony before, there’re a lot of  Latin pretty girls, and if he really want a girl to live with, not a girl to play with, he should know how to date a Colombian woman. Not buying her luxury purses, but giving her enough care. You should not always want sex satisfaction from her, but to find out what she really want from you.