Why you should never compare Russian girls to American girls

Comparing one thing to the other will easily make you miss the uniqueness of each of them, so it is when you compare American girls to Russian girls. Girls from both nationalities have their unique characteristics that you would enjoy only if you stop comparing one to the other. It is important to note that they are both different in orientation and behavior so never expect that what worked for one nationality will work for the other.

Russian womanRussian dating is trickier than dating a girl from USA. This is because a Russian woman is more likely to move on if you strike the wrong chords repeatedly. An American woman will be more willing to give her man more chances and will more likely forgive a guy that has offended her more than Russian ladies. Let’s assume you hurt your Russian lady the first time, she may forgive you the first time but if it keeps reoccurring, you may lose her forever.

If you are dating a Russian beauty, you will also learn quickly that her say in different matters counts a lot. Unlike girls from America, a hot Russian girl will always like to be a part of any decision making. However, they are more submissive if you dare to compare them with the American girls. Recently, the gap has regards submissiveness is widening because of propagation of the idea of feminism in America.

Dating a Russian girl is an experience every man should have in his lifetime. The reason for this is not far off. If you are also into dating for the wild reasons, it is very important to date a Russian girl because they bring a kind of spontaneity to a relationship that keeps the flame of love burning for a longer time. You will never feel bored.

If you are lucky to find one that has lived in the west, you will experience a Russian USA combination. She will not be on the hard side towards you like a typical Russian lady would be and she will also not embrace feminism like a typical American lady would which leaves her somewhere in the middle of both races.

The only reason why every sexy Russian girl tends to be tough towards their men is because it is almost an abomination for a girl in Russia to marry a weakling. Russian girls love men that can protect them; a man that can take the bullet for her in the heat of action. If you cannot prove yourself to be that kind of man, then your relationship is doomed.

hot Russian girlWhen a Russian lady talks about a strong man, she is referring to a man that is strong at heart, a courageous man. This is another striking difference between them and American girls. When an American girl talks about strength, she is probably talking about the physical part of the man she can see, like the huge biceps and six packs. We all know that those are not really the true measure of a man’s strength.

If you must tie the knot with a Russian, be certain that you are going from love with Russia. Never fall into the trap of rushing into a marriage with a Russian if you don’t love her or if you are not certain she loves you enough. When a Russian lady loves, she does so with all her heart and you can be sure to have a happy home. On the other hand, their mind mood swings a lot and if she gets entangled with you without been fully in love with you, such momentary mood swings can become a mammoth task for both of you.