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Wifey Material? What men look for in Russian girls worth marrying

Without wanting to generalize, Russian girls are notoriously thoughtful and accommodating.  When a man finds someone like this then it is only natural for them to want to build a lasting future.  Regardless of one’s opinion about capitalist driven motives for marriage, there really is no better way to show a woman you want to be with them for the rest of your life than getting down on one knee and popping the all-important question.  Social media has made it easy for men to share their opinions about what make hot Russian women worth spending the rest of your life with.  This article shares some of the things that seem to trend as the most popular reasons for making girls from Russia perfect wifey material.

Their beauty takes your breath away

the most beautiful Russian women

Why are Russian women so beautiful? Answers from across the internet suggest that it is a combination of drop-dead gorgeous first impressions and a breathtaking beauty that does not fade as things become more intimate and long-term.  Many men have commented saying that the Russian lady of their dreams is the one that will look at you with a passionate gaze that never ceases to make your loins burn and heart sing. One person wrote on Reddit: “The most beautiful Russian girl I have ever met is the one that I married.  We have been married for 20 years now and, of course, we all get older, but the beauty has never faded. She commands respect and adoration through her reciprocity of true and passionate love.”

They have a sense of humor

Having a sense of humor is more than just laughing at things.  Men seek women who will be able to alleviate the stresses of life by making them laugh with ironic comments and quick wit.  One man posted on twitter: “I’m going to ask my girlfriend to marry me tomorrow.  I’ve deliberated for some time about whether this is the right decision but, deep down in my heart and soul, I know that I want to be with this person for the rest of my life. It isn’t just her dazzling good looks that makes her the hottest Russian I’ve ever seen, it’s also the fact that she makes me laugh on a daily basis.”hottest Russian

They are your best friend

Building a relationship that will stand the tests of time requires two people to feel inescapably close on a purely platonic level.  Russian dating culture is all about finding a partner who will be there for you when life throws unexpected obstacles in your path.  One male Reddit writer said: “the most beautiful Russian women are the ones that want to be your friend as well as your lover.  I want my wife to be someone that I would choose to fight in my corner against any opposition, no matter how tough.  The mental strength provided by an unbreakable bond of friendship is far more important than anything else for me. When I find the girl that makes me feel like this I will not hesitate to ask for her hand in marriage.”

They make you the best version of yourself

Some people elevate you by endowing you with a grounded confidence while others can drag you down and damage your self-esteem.  It’s certainly possible to be madly in love with someone who, unfortunately does the latter.  This kind of love cannot result in a prolonged life of happiness and success.  One man wrote on his personal blog: “The thing that made my wife different from any other woman I ever dated is that incredible sense of support that she gives me in all of my endeavors. Since meeting her I have had the confidence to take risks because I believe in myself more than ever.  I’ll always be eternally grateful to her for all the successes I’ve achieved.”