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Women Reveal The Biggest Mistakes Men Make in Dating

If you’ve ever dated russian girls but are still hanging out on russian woman dating site, then you’ve probably made some terrible mistake that led to a breakup.

But since you’re here, you’re about to learn the biggest mistakes men make in dating – revealed by finest russian women – and how to prevent them.

Being a pervert

hot women in russia“I know you want to have sex with me, no need to shove it down my throat by cracking dirty jokes, grabbing my ass or sending me unsolicited dick pics,” Natasha, 23.

It’s no secret – even for hot russians brides out there – that men want to have sex with beautiful russian women all the time.

And while you think that it would be awesome if girls were making dirty jokes, grabbing your private parts and sending you pics of their boobs 24/7, this would get annoying eventually. Trust me.

So do not perve out on your first, second or even third dates. Behave like a gentleman and treat beautiful russian women with respect. The thing about being a pervert is that hot women in russia view it as childish behavior.

And no beautiful russian women want to be dating a childish man. They want a masculine, alpha man.

Not listening to her

“It’s the biggest turn off for me to see a man pretending to be listening to me while obviously not listening and thinking in his head, ‘I’d sooo bang that’. Ugh, that’s disgusting,” Alina, 26.

hot russians bridesWhether you’re on a first date or you’re in a relationship with the most beautiful russian lady, prepare to listen all the time. Like, really, ALL the time.

It doesn’t matter if the russian nice lady you’re talking to has the biggest breasts in the world, do try to focus your attention on what she says. If you’re in online chat with russian girls, memorize the things she writes about and then bring them up in a conversation where it’s suitable.

Not paying on first date

“I don’t care about my feministic views on this, but paying on the first date, and actually on all of our dates, is a manly thing to do,” Katya, 24.

It’s not only a non-manly thing to do to let beautiful russian women pay for your dinner, it also makes you look a bit of a loser in their eyes. It happens so culturally that hot women in russia want their men or potential men to pay for stuff.

Being overprotective

“I do appreciate you worrying for my safety when I’m not around, but it doesn’t mean I have to be cut off from society just to make you feel better,” Yana, 20.

Being too clingy and overprotective is a very common mistake men do in relationships with hot russians brides. This often becomes the catalyst for a breakup, as no woman wants her man to be giving her no space.


beautiful russian women“Don’t you ever raise your voice – or worse, hand – against me if we’re having a fight. I can overreact because I’m a girl, you can’t. Be a man about it,” Viktoria, 25.

Overreacting can make things only worse. It’s a girly thing to do to overreact over minor things, but in no way does it mean that you can use girly weapons to win a fight.

Be a man about it. Don’t raise your voice or hand — handle things peacefully. That’s what men are for in this world.

Not admitting that you were wrong

“Making it look and sound like I’m wrong is one of the biggest dating mistakes men can do. If you’re wrong, be a man and admit it,” Sonya, 22.

As hard as it is to admit that you were wrong, it’s a much healthier alternative to starting a new fight over who was wrong in the fight that was seemingly over.

Not enough compliments

“Just because we’re dating already doesn’t mean you should skip on compliments. I’m a woman and I want to feel desired by my man. Show your affection and a little bit of effort!” Nadia, 21.

Whether you’re in online chat with russian girls or are already in a relationship with a russian nice lady, do compliment her! You know how good it feels to be complimented by a girl about your looks – imagine that feeling x10 times stronger – that’s exactly what women feel like when they’re complimented about their looks.