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Women Reveal What Makes You ‘Boyfriend Material’

You’ve surely heard or even used the phrase “wife material” to describe a woman who’s kind, sweet, caring, compassionate and (optional) sexy.

There are plenty of Colombian american women who are “wife material” seeking men on LatamDate, and thousands of men line up to marry one.

But it’s not all that easy. You can’t just steal a Columbian lady and run away with her. She has to like you, too.

That means you have to be “boyfriend material” for her. Yep, a woman’s opinion matters, too. That’s year 2017, fellas.

But the definition of a “boyfriend material” dude is so vague nowadays that it becomes quite a challenge to know what Colombian singles are looking for in a man.

Today, meet Colombian women who agreed to reveal what makes a guy “boyfriend material.”

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Listen to Her (Like, Really, Listen)

“What I need in a guy is to be able to sit there and listen to me. Not scroll his Twitter feed or watch a YouTube video while I’m talking to him. Not look around with the dumb look on his face while I’m trying to get him to listen to me. If I talk – you listen. Period,” Daniela, 25.

It’s has become a wide-spread problem for modern women seking man to find a guy who wouldn’t only get them drunk and sleep with them, but also actually listen to them.

Listening is art. If you want to score big and date a beautiful Colombia girl, it’s time to start honing your listening skills. That way you’ll actually stand out from the crowd.

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Take a Hint

“While that may sound cliché, but I’m not going to date a guy who doesn’t take a hint. If I say to him that ‘it’d be nice to walk around the park’ or go to some place, I’m saying it for a reason! We girls are quite shy to openly express what we want, so we expect guys to take initiative. You’re the man after all!” Ana Maria, 29.

Guys have struggled with this for many centuries. They just can’t take hints 24/7. Sometimes they are not paying enough attention or not realizing that this is actually a hint.

Keep in mind that if a girl is talking about something, she’s talking about it for a reason. We’re just wired that way. Deal with it — or stop chatting with American girls and date guys instead.

Don’t Play Mind Games

“Look, we are not in our teens when it was fine to play mind games. Both me and you are adults (I hope you feel that way, too!), so leave your mind games for someone else. If you’re trying to manipulate me or gain advantage over me, it’s not going to end well for you. Just sayin’,” Paola, 28.

If you’re serious about your intentions, prove it. Don’t play games and don’t waste her time unless you want to get into trouble. Don’t mess with hot Latin American women.

Make Good on Your Promises

“If you promise me something, it’d be nice to actually deliver that promise. I don’t want you to give me false hopes and leave me hanging. If you say we’re going to go abroad to visit countries, DO it! If you say you’re going to start working out to get in shape, DO it! If you say you’ll take me on a date this weekend, DO it!” Luisa, 21.

Okay so when you say something to a woman, she’ll memorize it – especially if you’re promising something.

Be sure that she’ll bring this up during your next fight if you’re not delivering that promise. Making false promises makes you look unattractive in the eyes of Colombian American women.

In fact, do you know what they say about the man of every woman’s dreams? There’s nothing sexier in a guy than his ability to make good on his promises. Not even good looks are going to save a guy who gives a girl false hopes.

Don’t Treat Women Poorly

“I once had a guy who used to make sarcastic and nasty comments about other women. Guess what? He then started insulting me as we got into a serious relationship. Another guy I was dating was beating his own mom. I know it’s messed up. And then I wasn’t surprised much when he raised his hand to me. That’s when I knew it: never date men who treat other women poorly,” Alejandra, 30.

The morale of the story is this: if you’re treating other women badly, you’ll most likely eventually treat your own girlfriend or wife the same way.

So you might want to keep your tongue and hands to yourself when speaking to women if you want to find the girl of your dreams in Columbian dating.