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Write a Great Dating Profile That Russian Women Absolutely Love

If you’ve seriously got your sights on one of the gorgeous Russian girls for marriage to respond and fall for you; there are a few things you need to know in advance to hook one of these treasures for life.
Firstly good news is that coming from a western country raises your chances in comparison to the average male since plenty of gorgeous Russian girls prefer western gents. This means they will happily return your affections so long as you put your best profile forward.
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That All Important Photo
It’s imperative that you choose photos that provide a positive, self-assured image which obviously includes being well-groomed, genuine, active and of course happy— that means smile in your photo! Profiles with a good photo attracts more than ten times more interest than those without one— so make sure it’s a great one to increase your odds of a positive response!
Sexy Russian women are typically old-fashioned with strong family values and prefer men that appreciate a woman’s femininity and adherence to traditional gender roles.
Russian women, like most women appreciate a male that is healthy, fit, clean and tidy as well as having a good sense of humour, great smile, great listening skills, a romantic & caring attitude, confidence and plenty of other most welcoming attributes!

What’s In a Headline?
Write an attention grabbing catchy Headline— but ensure it delivers the right type of message you are going for! This is generally the very first thing that a potential Russian woman will see, as well as your all-important photo. A catchy title or headline does not mean cheesy or a clich?— it’s best to be original and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Details & Descriptionspictures of russian women
Be sure to include a brief but detailed description including your age, occupation, location and the type of woman you are looking for as well as what type of relationship. Be specific and honest about your Russian online dating aspirations. And obviously— be aware of your grammar and preferably use simple language since many sexy Russian women have very limited to medium English language skills at best.

What to NOT Do!
Avoid all negatives at all costs as nothing is more off-putting. Seriously— just refrain from any mention of Russian dating scams, unemployment, depression and feeling so lonely, etc as it only paints a picture of being a total loser and no female; let alone a gorgeous Russian girl will want anything to do with you! Likewise it’s not in your best interest to make demands of any kind either but instead just be friendly and polite.
It’s really that easy to create a killer profile that attracts Russian brides like moths to a flame— admittedly that’s a bit of a cliché! It’s best not to do that in your profile for obvious reasons!