pretty russian girl


Of all the Russian girls I have seen. Sorry, let me rephrase. If I had seen Daria first, I would not have had any business with any of the other Russian ladies. As young as she is, she already bagged a Masters in education. Come on, what did I do with my younger years? You should ask yourself that too.

Daria is fun pretty Russian girl to be with. This cute Russian girl photo says it all; a smile that any prince charming cannot resist. So natural but yet so deep. A smile frozen in history. I couldn’t help but take a long look at it, again and again. If you are the prince charming, you should have been clicking on her profile. What is a prince without a princess?

russian girlsI am not joking about this, if you compile a list of your hottest Russian women, Daria will be way up there, no election, self made. Daria is one of those Russian beauties that will give you a run for your money on the dance floor. Not much surprise for a tall slim damsel to know how to twist and turn to rhythms and beats.

If you are a fun lover looking for Russian hot babes who share your ideology of having fun in life without a dull moment then I wonder why you are not chatting Daria up already. Daria is not a lady of much words, rather, would like to show you what fun means. For the very fact that Daria opened up, “I am funny lady who tired being alone. I am educated and smart woman who want to find man and give all my heart to him”, it won’t be long before she begins to run from men.

Speaking of positivity, never seen anyone like her before. When someone calls themselves good (I don’t mean the self-accusation kind of vain statements) then you should know they are really good at what they do. So when Daria said, “I want to share all my feelings and all my happiness. I am positive and good girl. My hobbies are cooking and sports. With me you will never be bored”, you will be the luckiest man in the world to have found a diamond in the midst of the numerous Russian hot babes.