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Your dating profile should get regular upkeep if you hope to get dates out of it.

As busy as life is these days, there is no question that most of us feel overwhelmed with work. Crushing commutes, relentless deadlines, that one boss who is always looking over your shoulder.

But the thing they don’t tell you in school is that during your weekend life, over the course of those precious few hours when you are free from the toil of the office, you might be just as busy!

Virtually everyone has some sort of “To-do list” they keep at work full of projects old and new. But how many of us take the time to make a list like that for the weekend? I’m saying this: with as little time off as most of us have, maybe we need to take a little more time to maximize our time and get the most out of it.

sexy Russian girlsTo that end, how many dating profiles do you have? If you’re like most of us, you take pretty much the same information you first entered into your very first profile five or ten years ago and you recycle it every time you make a new dating profile. I mean who has time to redo all of that business every time you sign up for a dating site? You’re just here to meet, say sexy Russian girls, right? you’re not out to win any sort of web design award.

Well let me tell you, as you may have guessed already, beautiful Russian women are my weakness. I can’t help it! when I see a dating site that advertises hot Russian girls, I go crazy. I’ll immediately throw a profile up on that site and see what kind of hot Russian brides photos I can see. Never mind that my chances of finding a Russian bride are less than stellar using my tired old photos, my tired old list of likes and dislikes, my tired old profile.

So here’s a suggestion fellas, if we’re going to get real about our chances of getting a real Russian girl to respond to our profiles, maybe we’re going to have to put a little more effort into it. I’m talking about a simple, easy-to-accomplish checklist any one of us can fit in over a weekend, no matter how busy you are. Here we go.

Where do you think I’m going to start? With your profile pic. That’s right. Most of us latch onto that one picture that was taken at your buddy Steve’s wedding, you know the one, the only pic you have where you don’t look like a psycho or a grinning maniac–the kind of guy who might want to buy a Russian wife.

I’m talking about the one picture where you’re actually wearing a suit and you look like a responsible member of society.

Here’s the thing: you’ve got a camera on your phone–what’s stopping you from taking a few more pics? There’s no danger of wasting film these days–just hit delete if it sucks. But if you get one good one–or better yet, two or three good ones–out of it, throw them up on your profile! Show yourself doing different activities, outdoors or in new restaurants or museums.

sexy Russian girlsHere’s another tip: mix up your search parameters a bit. You’d be amazed at the beautiful Russian women you’re excluding who are just outside of your parameters.

Another idea is to change up the times you sign on. Different people keep different schedules, whether it’s in your country or Russia. Try a different time to see if you can find a hot Russian videochat.

Mainly, the idea is we all need to change things around every now and then–there’s nothing wrong with a little online spring cleaning no matter what time of year it is!