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5 Cultural Icons Of Russia That You Shouldn’t Mention When Chatting With Sexy Russian Babes

… unless you want sexy Russian babes to punch you in the face or simply stop paying attention to your messages on an online dating site (because real Russian girls want to be dating intelligent men whose perception of people from other countries is not rooted in some stereotypes and cultural icons).

If you’ve signed up on online dating websites to get some live chat Russia action and meet sexy Russian girls, never should you ever mention any of the following cultural icons of Russia unless you want to piss a Russian girl off. So which Russia’s cultural symbols infuriate and annoy Russian wives the most?Russian wives

Vodka: Do Russians really drink it every day?

Vodka definitely tops the list of cultural icons associated with Russia that infuriate Russians. Pretty much every foreigner knows that vodka originally comes from Russia (though this is a huge myth; vodka was actually invented in Poland) as well as that even real Russian girls drink inordinate amounts of vodka every day.

I mean, seriously? If you have ever been to Russia and are familiar with Russian women features at least a bit, you should know that Russians are becoming indifferent to vodka, and the number of people in Russia who booze on the distilled beverage decreases by the year.

Russian women: Beauty and money

beautiful Russian blondeRussian women are fed up with the stereotype that Russian girls are the most beautiful women. Don’t get me wrong. There’s no denial that sexy Russian babes are the most beautiful women in the world, but there’s no need to mention this in each and every conversation with every Russian women personality on an online dating site.

Why? Because whenever a man mentions this, it seems as if all he cares about in a girl is her looks, and a woman’s personality is secondary to her appearance. But beauty is not the only thing associated with Russian women. Unfortunately, the media has created a false and inaccurate image of Russian girls, making foreigners believe that because Russia is in the middle of economic crisis, most Russian women only care about money and expensive gifts.

If you go on any Russian dating website and chat with at least a few Russian ladies, you will suddenly realize that the vast majority of single Russian women are seeking out  warmth and love when looking for a foreigner on online dating sites.

Bears in the streets

sexy Russian girls pictures“Hey, so have you seen any bears in the streets today?” if you ever write this to a Russian girl, thinking that you’ve just made the funniest joke ever, don’t be surprised if she responds with, “Are you an idiot?”

In the Soviet Union, bears were used as mascots for various sports competitions and were depicted pretty much everywhere on the streets of Russia for decades. They used to symbolize Russia’s strength, which is why many foreigners were led to believe that this “bear craze” has something to do with bears walking the streets in Russia (or worse, bears drinking vodka and playing balalaika). Speaking of balalaika…


When browsing sexy Russian girls pictures on online dating sites and looking for an original conversation starter, some foreigners go for, “Hey, I haven’t noticed a single photo of you playing balalaika, are you really Russian?”

Yes, they say that the best way to get a girl’s attention on an online dating site is to write a personalized message (instead of the usual “Hi” and “How are you doing, gorgeous?”), but mentioning something about balalaika – the musical instrument associated with Russia – is definitely not the best way to start a conversation. Many foreigners still think that most sexy Russian girls have balalaika in their home. In reality, almost nobody has one in their home.

Matryoshka and the doll-like perception of Russian women

Matryoshka is one of the most iconic cultural symbols of Russia even though the idea to create what went on to become the iconic Russian doll came from Japan. One of the reasons why foreigners began associating matryoshkas with Russia is because someone drew a comparison between Russian women and matryoshkas. Ever since then, the doll-like perception of Russian girls stuck in the minds of foreigners, and Russian women are none too pleased about it.

So the next time you’re chatting with a beautiful Russian blonde on an online dating website and want to compliment her looks by comparing her to matryoshka, think twice and, instead, write something else.

In fact, have you ever seen matryoshkas? They have this very creepy stare… Why do foreigners still compare Russian women to matryoshkas?