July 20, 2024


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Why We Need to Stop Using The Concept Of “Gold Digger”

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Gold is a very crucial instrument in the financial world, and this is one of the reasons why we call a Ukrainian bride who chases a man only for financial gain a gold digger. Yes, the terms have a somewhat derogatory sense, and, since we are trying to make an equal and fair world, it is time that we stop using them!

Gold Digger And Issues Surrounding The Terms

People have been whining about gold-diggers for more than one century. Kanye West even created a song that became the epitome of gold-diggers in the modern society. The idea of the “gold digger” is ingrained in our cultural lexicon, despite the fact it has gone by various names in various contexts and languages, including when it comes to Ukraine mail order brides.

According to people’s belief, a gold digger is very similar to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She pretends to be welcoming and loveable, but she actually doesn’t care about the guy she is dating. All she thinks about is how much he has and she won’t take a break until she holds half of what he possesses.

There are, however, a handful of problems that are obviously associated with this idea of Ukrainian mail order brides. To start, the gold-digger stereotype is not much more than another misogynistic idea used by the community as a stick to abuse women with. This stereotype depicts women as manipulative bad guys, and men as petty victims.

In this case, it is never right to see men as helpless victims. Men deliberately look for a specific kind of woman to go out with. Furthermore, it is hard to ignore the fact that some men actively seek out unbalanced connections from the beginning. If you look into it more, you’ll find that it’s really a systematic problem.

When it comes to wealth topics, from high-paying jobs to property ownership to merely having bank accounts, the history of mankind is undoubtedly one-sided. It doesn’t take a lot of searching to figure out this truth and see that society has provided all of these things to men in the first place.

In this situation, it’s understandable that a Ukrainian bride has traditionally accounted for men’s wealth in the choices she make. You will know how sexist it feels to be criticized for determining what a man should make to be with you if finding a wealthier man is the only way you can live a decent life.

Of course, Ukraine women for marriage getting hitched to get money in the Middle Ages and in today’s world are in different situations. They are no longer portrayed as evil vampire witches who prey on foolish men and drain their pockets full of cash. But that doesn’t remove the fact that the system of equality is still inclined against women.

Although it is now easier for women to achieve economic security through the work they do than it was in previous decades, the idea of lavish lifestyles is still largely the domain of men. If you didn’t criticize a man for wanting the multi-millionaire routine, what’s so odd about a woman who craves the exact same thing for herself?

Guys Can Also Become A Gold Digger

If you believe gold-digging is a purely female pursuit, think again! Money also has a sort of aphrodisiac consequence for men. A study conducted by an Australian dating site found that when a woman earns more than AUD 80,000 per year, men are more likely to reach out to her on the platform.

Online reports of male gold-digger hangouts include yacht clubs, casinos, and auction spaces. These sly players take advantage of the loneliness and desire of an online dating Ukraine member who can give them a luxurious lifestyle but are insecure about their appearance or age in particular. They also often feel beaten down.

Generally, they are incapable guys who claim to understand everything. These guys typically are not able to make income on what they own, at least not substantial money. The usual moocher lacks higher education, but displays a street-smart image and convinces his vulnerable prey, who longs for Ukrainian love and loyalty from him.

He also carefully builds the woman’s fears that she must have him and that every other person wants to take advantage of her. Keeping her pleasant by understanding her personality and preferences, he gets hitched to her quickly, then stays at her house. Nonetheless, he plots to earn a “pretty penny” by means of divorce and takes over her company.

Not ending up spending years with a gold digger from a Ukrainian dating site is not that hard, though. Just stick to dating a person in the same economic circumstance as you are, regardless of your gender. If all the people you date are ten years younger than you, there’s a good chance that your wealth is your only draw.

The Takeaway

A guy who continually whines about women who are just after him for his wealth is pretty much the same as a girl who constantly complains about guys who merely want her for her appealing looks. The girl will be humiliated and advised that she has nothing more to offer besides her physical appearance.

And, for the dudes who are unable to attract a Ukraine city girl because they’re broke and think women are just for rich guys, maybe you ought to focus on your personality. If you can’t change that, at least make a visit to the gym and get on the bench. All in all, girls will be girls and we need to deliver them the best.