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7 Traits to Tell Apart Latina Women Who are “Catch” or “Keeper”

There are some Latina women who you want to sweep off their feet and run away with, because they are just too perfect. There are certain traits of hot Colombian girls that indicate that this girl will make a great girlfriend or wife.

Latina Women,hot Colombian girls,

But don’t be mistaken – spotting South American women with these traits is not going to be easy, as these girls are the crème brûlée of girls. They are the girls who make millions of foreign men on the best online dating sites go crazy about.

Folks are literally hunting for pretty Colombian girls who exhibit these traits and qualities. So make sure you channel your inner hunter-gatherer and go searching for South American girls with these desirable traits.

In other words, if you spot a Colombian beauty with at least several traits from the list below, don’t hesitate to turn up the heat in your relationship .

She knows how to have fun, even on her own. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Blah blah, yet another ‘a girl with a good sense of humor’ nonsense,” but hear me out. We’re talking about not just a good sense of humor, but also a girl’s ability to have fun. There must be some activities (or activity) that Latina women genuinely enjoy. In addition to that, you shouldn’t be the only source of “fun” for your Latina girlfriend, as who will she have fun with when you go away on a business trip out of town?

She has her own goals and hobbies. Besides enjoying fun activities, a perfect Latina girl for a relationship should have her own goals and hobbies. A rule of thumb is that Medellin women with no goals, aspirations or passion hobbies get frustrated over the fact that their boyfriend or husband spends hours doing something he’s passionate about. Besides, a girlfriend who has nothing to do to distract herself or do something useful in her life may get bored in a relationship. And when she does, she’ll go out more often, go to nightclubs, go partying, and do other stuff that may make you jealous.

She is honest and doesn’t talk behind your back. There is nothing worse than being in a relationship where your girlfriend says, “everything is fine,” but badmouths you the minute you leave her sight. Talking behind your partner’s back is never good, and perfect hot Colombian girls know that. So look for a girl who is completely honest with you and can say outright when you’re doing something wrong. Because how on earth would you know that something is wrong when she doesn’t give you any signals whatsoever that it’s wrong?

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She gives you your personal space. Men or women, everyone needs his or her own personal space. We all need that bubble of comfort that we can hide in for a few minutes, hours, or days, and recharge our batteries, and then go back living our lives, refreshed and happy. Thankfully, Latina dating sites are full of South American women who know that giving their boyfriend / husband personal space is the fundamental for a healthy relationship. Latina women have this understanding as part of their natural mindset.

She respects your privacy. If a girl doesn’t go over your text messages or chats on your phone and computer the second you leave the room (or house), she’s a keeper. Many girls have trust issues, which is why dating pretty Colombian girls who respect their significant other’s privacy is a trait to be cherished.

She accepts you for who you are. Being judgmental and passive-aggressive in a romantic relationship – or any relationship, for that matter – is always a recipe for disaster. And South American girls know it better than anyone else. Just because your different taste for music doesn’t make you a weirdo, or just because you like the food that she hates doesn’t make you disgusting.

She is able to disagree. Arguing and having disagreements doesn’t necessarily mean that a couple is in an unhealthy relationship (unless, of course, they are arguing and yelling at one another more than they actually talk). If your girlfriend is able to disagree and doesn’t have to turn every petty argument into a huge fight, know: she is a catch.

These are the seven traits of a perfect Colombian beauty who will make a great girlfriend or wife. If you spot any of these signs while chatting online, don’t hesitate to ask her out (and, preferably, put a ring on her finger!).

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