3 Single Colombian Women For Unforgettable Nights And Exciting Relationship

These three gorgeous Colombian women will not lecture you or throw a tantrum whenever you return home a little drunk. In fact, they will most likely spend the night with you drinking and having fun!

That’s one of gazillion benefits of dating gorgeous Colombian girls who drink socially/on occasion. It’s no secret that not all ladies from Colombia are 100% truthful on their online dating profiles, which kinda makes you wonder, “What Colombian women might be lying about?

But that’s not the point here. Here’s the thing, if you ever meet Colombian girl who is straightforward about her attitude toward drinking and alcohol – in other words, if the lady is not afraid to say that she drinks every once in a while (duh, we all do) – you can be pretty much certain that she’s most likely telling the truth about other aspects of her life.

So if you’re wondering how to meet Colombian girls who would be honest in their dating profiles and there wouldn’t be any unexpected, ugly and relationship-destroying secrets brought into the open as your relationship progresses, we might have a suggestion for you: look for girls who say they drink socially/on occasion on LatamDate.

Better yet, you don’t have to do the search on your own to score a beautiful Colombian date – we did all the hard work for you! Check out these three images of Columbian women who are currently single, actively seeking a foreigner, and, more importantly, don’t mind drinking sometimes.

Juliana, 23

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A quick compatibility test before we get started. Any jealous, controlling guys in the room? Get out! Just kidding… If the terms “jealous” and “controlling” apply to you – you’ve been justifiably called those terms by your ex-girlfriends – then you might want to skip Juliana’s profile.

Other fellas, non-jealous and non-controlling ones (the most sought-after males in the eyes of women who are independent and full of respect for themselves), you’re more than welcome to stay and keep reading!

If looking at pictures of Colombian girls isn’t enough for you to decide whether or not you want to date this girl or not, then it might help if we tell you that Juliana is a funny, easy-going, caring, romantic, and trustworthy woman with a good heart. I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true – but Juliana is being honest about her attitude toward alcohol, so she’s probably telling the whole truth and nothing but truth.

Does dating Latin American women who are honest and fun to be around sound exciting? Then don’t miss your chance to date Juliana. Send her a message… NOW!

Note: Juliana is looking for a family man who is mature, responsible, intelligent, sincere, honest, and loyal. Are you qualified enough to be with Juliana? (Don’t tell anybody, but we think you deserve to be with a gorgeous and honest girl like Juliana. Go get her!).

Fernanda, 27

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Fernanda says she is an energetic, sunny, and enthusiastic girl, and we don’t doubt it even for a second! Her photos on her dating profile radiate enthusiasm, incomprehensible beauty, and charge you with a caffeine-dose of energy. Seriously, skip coffee in the morning and instead look at photos of Fernanda – you will be excited to live your life and will get up from bed immediately.

If just looking at Fernanda’s photos can do that, imagine what it’s like dating her! Fernanda is a sociable and talkative girl, and she likes to laugh a lot. Add some whiskey, champagne, vodka – or whatever you prefer – to it, and it will be an unforgettable night (not just one night, but millions of such nights as you grow older together, happy and enthusiastic about life).

If you are a sympathetic and kind man, Fernanda may be looking just for you. Go see it for yourself. Send her a message to start the non-stop, caffeine-induced romance!

Carolinne, 27

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Carolinne looks like a Columbian version of Kylie Jenner, and that’s one more reason to love her! Not that there aren’t other reasons to fall in love with this gorgeous lady.

Like the other two ladies from Colombia we listed above, Carolinne doesn’t mind drinking on occasion, which makes her a non-awkward partner to go on a first (second and probably even third!) date with.

You know what they say, when there’s alcohol on your first date, it won’t be awkward for long! And that’s one of those cases. Carolinne is a cheerful, fun, and loving girl – and she has one of those memorable looks that imprint into your memory.

Do you want to imprint Carolinne into your love life? Then go for a private chat with this stunning angel.


Mariana is love-sites.com’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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