Russian Girls

A research tells us why we’re attracted to certain Russian Girls not others, reasons are brilliant

Think about the kind of girls you’re attracted to.  Sure, you may have been attracted to your next door neighbour because she was cute with pigtails, or you may also have a crush on a girl you met once several times. But, we bet that as a man, you have a thing for Russian girls.  If you wonder why it’s about Russian girls in particular it is – according to psychologists – about mystery.    It’s also about portrayal.  We’ve seen movies featuring Russians, usually James Bond movies, and there is always a Russian girl who is seductive, sexy, alluring and mysterious.

Russian datePsychologists say that the women we find attractive go back to our most memorable occasions.  If your first girlfriend was a Russian girlfriend, chances are you are going to have another Russian girlfriend.  It may be because you find the accent sexy and attractive, it might be the blonde hair and blue eyes, or it may be because of the relationship you had and you miss. Perhaps you had a Russian date that was so hot – we keep saying that Russian girls are hot but it is true  – and you cannot get that moment out of your mind.

Psychologists say we are attracted to the women, young and old, that make us feel good about ourselves.  If Russian girls turn you on, you may well be attracted to an old Russian lady.  Perhaps you had Russian women around you all the time who boosted you, gave you confidence and made you feel really great about life.  There may have been Russians involved in your upbringing who cared and nurtured you, but maybe that first sexual experience was also so good you cannot get it out of your mind.

Russian girlfriendOur attractions to people can also be via the internet.  Perhaps you have chatted to the hottest Russian girls online.  They may have been friendlier – sexier and hotter – than the women you generally talk to online.  It’s always a good idea, actually, according to psychologists, to put yourself out of your comfort zone and talk to women who you wouldn’t normally dare to talk to.

hottest Russian girlsThe other thing is that our attractions can change as we get older. Look at the best free dating site for serious relationships and see when your heart beats fastest.  It might be for the ‘girl next door’ kind of look, it might be that hot Russian girl with the smouldering eyes, and it might be for an ‘ex girlfriend’ kind of look.  It’s a good idea that you get to know yourself and what turns you on.  If you want a Russian date because of childhood memories – or maybe you read magazines who featured the hottest Russian girls, then chat to Russians online.  You can chat roulette Russian too and you never know, you could end up with a Russian mail bride.

Think of the women who were influential on you during your youth.  Your school teachers, your au-pairs, your nannies, or your first dates.  The women you interacted with, the good relationships, will all change the way you look at women and will influence the kind of women you are attracted to.  If they’re Russian women, then go on a Russian date.  If you’re online, look for the hottest Russian girls. And if you like women a little bit older, there’s nothing wrong with an old Russian lady.Russian single