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Alpha, Beta or Omega Female: Who Makes the Best Wife-Material?

Do you know that Alpha Russian girls also exist? You read that right!

Turns out, it’s not only males who get divided into three personality types – Alpha, Beta and Omega – as females also differ by their personality type.

Whether you’re looking for best looking Russian women or nice Russian women, right now you have a chance to learn who is the best sexy russian girl type for you – the one who’s Alpha, Beta or Omega!

It’s relatively easy to differentiate between all of them – if you keep your eyes open.

Pro tip: If you’ve been in a relationship with a girl that clearly manifested the following signs of Alpha, Beta or Omega and it didn’t work out, then you might want to avoid Russian and Ukraine girls of that personality type!

date hot Russian womenAlpha Female

Background: she grew up as a mentally strong person. There may have been a traumatizing event that turned her into a strong person – though many women fell into the Beta Female category after experiencing trauma.

What is she like? Whether it was her upbringing or a life-changing event that made her strong, an Alpha Female usually seems pretty intimidating to the ones around her, especially the girls.

Alpha Females are usually the girls in high school who get a lot of attention from guys but don’t sleep around with them out of looking Russian women

A beautiful Russian Alpha Female gets what she wants usually without no one else’s help. An Alpha Female is not one of those girls who needs a partner in life to feel “complete,” as a strong woman is “complete” as she is.

Alpha Females are usually bossy: in her relationship, with her friends and family and at work. Alpha Females always put their career first. Alpha Females are very ambitious and won’t put up with a partner who holds them back.

If you ever had the chance to talk to Russian girls that are Alpha Female, you probably know that they can oftentimes be patronizing, but at the same time very tolerant.

Alpha Females love it when their lives are under their own control and everything in her life, including a romantic relationship, runs smoothly.

This type of women usually have tons of friends and many groups to socialize in.

Is she suitable for you? If you’d like to date hot Russian women who are Alpha Female, beware that if you’re also an Alpha, there’s a high chance you could have interest clashes and end up fighting one another for dominance.

However, an alpha male and alpha female can often be a perfect match, and so can be omega or beta male and alpha female.

Not all beta and omega men, however, can put up with the fact that Alpha Females can be more dominant, bossy and more ambitious than they are.Alpha Female

Beta Female

Background: Beta Females are almost never born this way. It was either the upbringing or a traumatizing event in their life that lowered their self-esteem.

What is she like? Although any Beta Female attempts to imitate an Alpha Female to disguise her weaknesses and low self-esteem, it’s very easy to spot the fake in her behavior.

When you look at Russian hot ladies photos online, you may think all those ladies have impeccable self-esteem and that they admire their own beauty (Alpha behavior).

But the reality is that some or most of these women can be Beta, trying to look like Alpha. The Alpha behavior is easier imitated on photographs than in real life.

Beta Females are usually overly sensitive and jealous types. She can complain over her past relationships and she thinks she needs a partner to feel “complete.”

Beta Females sometimes make desperate and reckless decisions in their lives, and most of the times those decisions stem from their unstable emotional personality.

Beta Females can even chase Alpha males just to feel better about themselves, while not all Alpha males like this type of behavior.

Is she suitable for you? Beta Russian girls are most of the times suitable for Beta men, but there are also plenty Alpha males who like the behavior of Beta girls. Beta girls and Omega men can also be a good match.

talk to Russian girlsOmega Female

It’s the trickiest of all female personality types.

Background: Omega Females usually have a very quiet childhood and they try to make that quietness stay with them throughout their life.

What is she like? Omega Females are usually calm and cool-headed and they don’t need to be in the center of attention all the time.

Although the self-esteem of Omega Females is usually lower than that of Alpha, it’s not as low as in Betas. Omega Females have a very limited circle of friends whom they genuinely like and can rely on.

Omega Females usually have hidden talents in them and they are usually very smart. Even if she doesn’t realize it, an Omega Female can be very strong. Though due to their quiet behavior, Omegas very rarely make good leaders.

Is she suitable for you? Omega nice Russian women can be a good choice for pretty much all male personality types: Alpha, Beta and Omega. But Omegas usually stick together due to their similarities and shared views on life.