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Are you still making these mistakes with women?

If you are a bachelor for years and now you think you are done with your single life and it is time to settle down you may really do a lot of research about how to have a healthy and happy relationship.

Just like men, it would probably be a turn off for you  if your date eats with mouth open. Colombian women have their turn offs too! If you make the mistake or the mistakes she would be planning how to break up with you without hurting your feelings.  Coloumbian girls care about it so much, that is why you should not make these mistakes with a hot Columbian girl.

dating beautiful Dominican girls

  1. Go on a dinner date without reservation

You really think women like to be spontaneous? Yes, they do love surprises, but not every time especially on your first date. Colombian women dating is not easy. They are extremely hot which makes them extremely expect more from their men. Taking her to a fancy dinner is a very romantic thing to do and she will like it. But if when you take her out and start asking her suggestion, it is a big mistake. She would not give you a four but definitely not much better than this. While Colombian women seeking men, they want their men to be manly. That means you know perfectly where you are going to and every next step. So make a reservation and do some research.

hot Columbian girl

  1. Never have a plan B

When you are dating beautiful Dominican girls and you went out a few times. You think things go on so well, you may be even thinking about your place or her place. But you need to wake up now. If everything  is too good to be true, then it probably not true. This is life, full of unexpected “surprises”. So is dating. You can never make only one plan with your girl and never have a plan B. Girls admire those men who know how to manage emergencies. That shows he is responsible, calm and intelligent. Colombian women seeking men would never ever say NO to those guys. Have a plan B, even a plan C if necessary. I promise it will help you and impress her.

  1. Compliment too much

Women like to be complimented and they enjoy it. Marce latin women love it too. It is the best way to show your affection only if you don’t overdo it. You dating ladies online and you make your first move by making compliments. While it only works out on first move. If you spend time with Latin women, you will find Colombian women are down-to-earth type. They are hard to get but once you get them, you don’t need to play the fancy stuff. You can still say” honey you look gorgeous today” or “ I just can’t take my eyes off your legs” (point is be specific about what you are complimenting on) now and then. If you keep doing this for like ten times a day she would either think you are too fake or you are a psycho.

We all learned a lot of lessons from our experience and failures. However we don’t pay attention to the basic things anymore. Some times mistakes are so easy to make but we are too blind to notice them. When you follow the rules and tips you should also listen to your heart. It will lead you to where you belong.