Friends with Benefits – Yes or No?

Ever since the movie ‘’Friends with benefits’’ many people have been thinking how would it be to have their own friend with benefits. Basically, the term is a combination of a friend and lover, without further commitment but only limiting each other to sex and satisfying the physical needs of both participants. For those who run away from emotional commitment and would rather stick to only physical type of relation, in this case, with their friend – friends with benefits could work for a while. However, there are many factors that should be covered in order for it to last and not end up very badly.

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There Is a Risk of Getting Attached

If you have decided to become friends with benefits, you have been friends in the first place. Therefore, you already have some kind of connection. It is understandable that beautiful Latin girls are hard to resist, even for a man that runs away from any kind of commitment. Colombia’s girls actually have many virtues that within the time, you might actually fall in love with. However, being caught up in ‘’friends with benefits’’ could start making you feel bad if you decide to go a step further and even start dating your sex partner. This could also be vice versa, of course. Latina women seeking men for fun only is not uncommon at all but they can easily catch feelings as well. Sex itself is a very personal act so being repetitive, could provoke many feelings to both of you. Even the sexiest Colombian girl can fall in love, even if she tries to resist. The problem comes if one or none of you isn’t ready to level up and be in a relationship and you can’t go back to the old friendship you used to have.

 You Can Lose One Another

Once you come to the phase where you can’t go forward but can’t go back either, there is a high risk of losing each other. Therefore, if only one of you two catches feelings – you won’t be able to stay friends nor bed buddies. Once you decide to step into friends with benefits type of relationship, you should be absolutely sure that your partner wants the same, only fun, not attachment. There are many Latin women looking for men only for their physical needs. You can kind of determine that right at the start. For this occasion, avoid the emotional types. There are surely many hot girls in Colombia that you might want in your bed but for a long-term friends with benefits relation, pick wisely! And make sure that no strings, you don’t do this to find a colombian wife.

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 How to Choose Your Friend with Benefits?

Now, if you have come to terms with the possible side effects of this adventure and you are ready to try it out, there are many sexy Latin babes that you can choose for it. If you are led by passion and experiments, you and your girl will get amazing things out of this. For the beginning, you must meet single Latin ladies that share the desires.

Once you do that, start exploring what you both like and how to spend some quality time together. You should know how to hide, respect each other’s’ privacy and time and how to please each other. Once you already have it all figured out, you won’t have to ask too much but will know precisely how to make it work, when and where to meet, as well as what to do while you’re together.

In summary, friends with benefits work as long as you find the right partner for it and you are sure that you are the right partner as well. If you get attached quickly and you like to have something more than a bed buddy, then you should go for beautiful Colombian girls for dating instead.


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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