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Backup Boyfriend: Are You Her Main Man or Just One of Her Extras? 10 Signs You’re Not Her One and Only

Have you ever been with a woman and wondered if you weren’t the only one? Maybe you are looking for a beautiful single girl, but it turns out the one you are with isn’t as single as you thought. How can you be sure if you meet Columbian ladies on a Columbian women dating site that you are the only one they are dating? There are ways to tell if you aren’t the only guy she’s dating.

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10 ways to tell are:

#1: Her mind is elsewhere
If her head doesn’t seem to be in the game, maybe more is happening than you think. If you are on a date and she’s distracted, she might be worried someone will see you together, or—just the opposite—maybe she’s trying to make another guy jealous.

#2: Your gut is telling you something’s wrong
Always trust your intuition, even when you can’t put your finger on the problem. You want to meet single girls to date, to meet Columbian singles, which is why you used the Columbian women dating sites, but something when you meet her seems off. Trust your instinct and run.

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#3: She’s not available on weekends
Most people work Monday through Friday and are off on weekends. If she is always busy on weekends, she might have another man and you might be just the guy she sees during the week when the other one is busy.

#4: She’s posting pics with other guys
Although you probably wouldn’t mind seeing your girl in a set of beautiful Latin women photos, something might be wrong if she keeps appearing in pics with another guy. If she is with the same guy (or even two or three guys) in most pics, you might not be the only one.

#5: You always think she’s cheating
Going along with #2 above, if you have to wonder if she is cheating, then it is a pretty good chance that she is. Even if she isn’t seeing anyone else, accusing her of cheating and acting needy can lead her to put you on the bench and find a new first-stringer.

#6: Her passion is fighting
Let’s be honest. You probably are interested in Colombia ladies because Latin women are known for being passionate. That passion might take the form of anger, but at least you know you are inspiring strong emotions in her. You need to worry when she does not seem to have strong feelings at all.

#7: She doesn’t test you
Like #6 above, if she doesn’t say things to keep you on your toes, try to keep you honest, it’s a sure sign she doesn’t have much interest.

#8: She hides her phone all the time
It might be that she values her privacy, but she might also have another boy on the hook and not want you to know about him. She would give you a hard time if you had Latin girls photos on your phone, so don’t let her get away with whatever she is hiding on hers!

#9: She says one thing but does another
She might say she is going out with friends but end up at the bar with a guy (who she says is “just a friend”).  If what she says seems fishy, don’t trust it.

#10: Her friends treat you weird
You can tell a lot about how she feels about you by the way her friends treat you. If you are just a temporary distraction, a backup boyfriend, they may not treat you with much respect. At the very least, they will treat you differently from someone she is really into.