June 9, 2023


International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

The 10 Things You Don’t Need to Know About Her

What do you know about the woman you are dating? When you first start out, it might be tempting to want to know everything there is to know about her. Asking too many questions, though, will turn her off and some things will also bug you. These rules apply to any women you might date, even if you are one of many men who like pretty Colombian girls and want to date a Colombian.

  1. Who She Wears
    You might notice from photos of Colombian women that they can be quite stylish. Single Colombian ladies have their favorite designers. Rest easy, though: her favorite designer is not something you need to remember. While your Latin beautiful girls like gifts of their favorite clothes, you might consult them before buyingand simply tell them how gorgeous they are.date a Colombian
  2. The Name of Her Perfume
    Just say to her “You smell good!”. Her best friend will know the name and can even tell you where to buy more for her birthday or a holiday when she is running out.
  3. Her Favorite Makeup
    When you say, “I love Latina women,” one of the things you are probably thinking about is her face. Colobian woman often wear makeup well and look beautiful. However, you don’t need to know exactly how she does it or what exactly she is wearing. A little mystery can be good.
  4. When or What She Gets Waxed
    This comes under the category of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” If certain parts of her seem extra smooth, she might get it waxed or it could just naturally be that way. You will never know, and that is really how it should be. Ask yourself: would you be any better off if you knew? Probably not.
  5. Her Hair Stylist’s Name
    When meeting women in Colombia or any place else, you will find that women are loyal to their hair stylists. That’s because when a woman finds someone who can work magic on her hair, she doesn’t want to give them up. You don’t need to know the stylist’s name, but you do need to recognize that she will spend time there each week, and you definitely should appreciate the results!
  6. Her Best Friend’s Latest Boyfriend Drama
    Latina women seeking men, like other women, sometimes have issues with their boyfriends, and sometimes your girl might get caught up in her friends’ drama. Show support, but you don’t need all the details of her friends’ troubles.Latin beautiful girls
  7. If It’s That Time of the Month
    With any luck, you already know that this topic is off limits. You really can’t win with this issue anyhow. If she is angry and you ask, she will only get even more angry, whether it is that time of the month or not. This topic can be broached later if youare trying to have a baby.
  8. Her Ring Size
    If you are serious withher, you will eventually want to know this, especially if you want to surprise her with a ring when you propose. However, asking will tip your hand. Also, by the time you are that serious, chances are you will already know these things.
  9. The Names of All Her Exes
    You don’t need to know about every last guy she’s been with. In any case, let her tell you what she is comfortable telling you, and in her own time.If you keep asking this kind of stuff you will upset her and also bug yourself.
  10. Her Finance
    Remember, incomeshouldn’t determine who picks up the check. When you get more serious, of course, it will be important to talk about finances if the ultimate goal is to merge. But at the beginning, income should not be a topic of discussion for either of you.