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CharmDate reveals: most Russian women are talented dancers

Talking about Russian women, the impression, or more accurate the stereotype that comes in our minds is: blonde, fair skin with slender figure. Is it true? CharmDate, one of the leading legitimate Russian dating sites, reveals that hot Russian ladies are more than the stereotype.

hot Ukrainian girlsWhen you walk on streets in Moscow or Kyiv you can see lots of hot Ukrainian girls passing by. Most of them are slim, tall and has gorgeous blonde hair. That’s because the way Russian and Ukrainian women are raised. Ukrainian mothers would always teach their daughters to take care of themselves. Mostly the look. Have you ever heard that single Russian women would never leave their houses if they don’t wear a pair of 8-inch high heels? Looking good all the time no matter in which situation, this is the life attitude every Russian woman believes.

When you start your search for Russian women online you would probably find that Russian women are so talented in dance, gymnastics and sports. If you ask a single Russian woman about her hobbies, hitting the gym must be included in her routine. What’s more, many Russians are sent for training since childhood. The gymnastics is the proud of Russia. With such an active and healthy lifestyle no wonder Russian and Ukrainian babes stay in good shapes, even with athletic figures.

Marina sets a good example of this Russian women and Ukrainian ladies “myth”. Marina is a teacher but also a talented dancer. She has been dancing for years. Pole dance is her hobby as well as her passion. “Energetic and flexible, that’s what pole dance does to my body and spirit.” says Marina. Let’s watch Marina dance and feel the passion she puts in Russian ladies

Marina has joined the best Russian dating sites hoping to find the one. She is still single by now. She decided to try, maybe the one she’s been looking for is out there somehow! If you like Marina’s dance, please leave your comment. You can also go directly on and get connected with more singles! We wish you good luck!date a Russian girl,