Are Russian Women Really As Talented As They Claim Themselves To Be?

Even though the Western media makes it look as if Russia is in the state of decay, Russian women may be among the most talented women in Europe. And there’s a legitimate explanation for that.

Politics aside, if you go on online dating sites to meet beautiful Russian women, you will probably notice that most girls there are quite talented. Whether it’s dancing, cooking, playing a musical instrument, having her own business, or other talents and accomplishments, it’s crystal clear that hot Russian chicks are gifted.

Don’t believe us that hot Ukrainian women can be both beautiful and talented at the same time? Watch this video of Anya performing a jaw-dropping dance. She’s got the moves (and those hair flips are making our hearts beat faster)!

Are Russian women really so talented?

beautiful Russian womenThere are millions of talented Russian women like Anya. Just look through all those Russian girls images on Ukrainian women dating sites. There are literally millions of Russian beauties who are looking for a foreign boyfriend or husband.

And contrary to the popular belief, “looking for a relationship” is not the only skill a Russian woman who wants to meet a foreigner has. Neither is it the meaning of her life. In reality, it’s wrong to think that hot Russian chicks sign up on dating sites just to find a rich sponsor from abroad and possibly move out from Russia.

Nope, dating Ukrainian ladies is nothing like this. And if you’re reluctant to date beautiful Russian women out of fear that your girlfriend or wife will take advantage of your money and would be a gold digger, you’re missing out big time.

Just go talk to Russian girls chat, and you’ll immediately notice a pattern: every one of them is quite talented, and most are so GOOD at what they do, you may ask yourself, “Where do they find that much time to get better at dancing / cooking / taking professional photographs / hitting the gym / or whatever that is the hot Russian lady is good at?

And above all, putting all those talents and skills aside, Russian ladies are good people. They are nice and kind. Caring and loving. They can listen if you need a shoulder to cry on. They can take care of you if you get ill. And they can raise your children to be wise, smart, and good people.

Why do Russian ladies have so many talents and skills?

To answer your question, there’s no way around politics. Yes, we’ll have to touch upon the subject of politics and Russia’s economy in order to answer the question why Russian women are so talented.

Ukrainian women datingFor years (or even decades, some may argue), Russian people have been much poorer than European people or Americans. The unsatisfactory state of the Russian economy and inability to find a job prompted millions of hot Ukrainian women to learn new skills and get talented at other things.

And most importantly, while a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman – such as Anya – may not necessarily earn tons of money from dancing or being a good cook, acquiring new talents and skills fuels their passion for life.

As harsh as it may sound, Americans and European women are generally lazier and less productive compared to Russian women. That’s because many Europeans and Americans take their financial status for granted. Russians, on the other hand, have to put up a fight in order to make a living and survive in their country.

So the next time you go online to meet Russian ladies, don’t be surprised if you see some incredibly beautiful woman list several talents. Yes, Russians can be both stunningly beautiful and super talented at the same time. It is possible indeed!date a Russian girl,


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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