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Dating Rules for Russian girls: official and unofficial

Yes, there are official and unofficial rules when you want to get the best Russian girl as a mate or bride. Of course, not every rule on every topic are written on paper. Some of them just develop over time as a norm among a group of people and you will be doomed if you decide not to stick with them. beautiful-Russian-girls

There is no doubting the fact that Russian girls are hot – except you need your eyes and brain scanned for abnormality. As it is with every good thing, there is always a price to pay – and often very costly one. In this case, the price would be that you have to play by the rules or you risk being thrown out of the window, literarily. Some of the rules you have to be mindful of when approaching a Russian sexy woman are highlighted below.

1. Play the modern dating game

In the not too distant past, no one will care if you had a Facebook or twitter account. Then, Russian dating was strictly limited to seeing each other ones or a few times in a week, hang out in a cool place and drink and chat. Technology has swept that under the carpet and made it look like boredom which not many girls will be willing to endure. Presently, if beautiful Russian girls cannot reach you on any of the social media platform then you don’t exist. This is an unofficial rule anyway.

2. Online approach may just save you some pain

We all know that some people talk better and more fluid online than when they are offline. This is a particular disadvantage the introverts have. If that is your case, it may be much better for you to sign up for Russian mail order bride service. You use your sweet words to charm her then have her shipped to you. Before you rejoice over this, you may want to look at the next rule.

3. You have no excuse not to be charmingRussian sexy womanYou may win her easily online because of your power of word use but what happens if she looks at you and you don’t dress and act to her expectation? Your guess is as good as mines. She will pack up and leave. You can get away with a bad manner online but when meeting face to face, you have to really dress to impress and be in your best behavior. This is one of the greatest wrong online dating site Russia has done – allowing graciousness and good manner fall on the wayside. It is becoming almost normal for people to be nibbling at their phones when on a date. You must learn to give her your full attention.

4. If you want to marry Russia then you have to speak Russia

This is not an option. If you must marry Russian, then you must learn to speak Russian. It does not end there. You also have to make the effort of learning her cultures because Russians like the Chinese are very conservative with their traditions. You have to understand the family system and hierarchy is still very much valued and you must play to the rules to get her parental blessings.

5. Look before you leap

Many men who use online dating have formed the habit of chatting up every beautiful Russian woman photos. They may not really be serious, rather playing emotional games. In the end, they will begin to mix up names and chats. If you are online looking for a man, you have to look out and pick out those men. For the male folks, you have to be very careful and protect your privacy lest you wake up one morning and find your sexual shenanigans all over the web.