Celebrating Christmas – Gift Ideas for your Russian date

Christmas is by far the biggest feast celebrated around the globe. The preparation is usually grandeur and just by walking on the road you can tell that something big is about to happen. If there is a hot Russian girl you have had your eyes on, this celebration will provide you with the best chance to woe them permanently to your side – and we are about to tell you how.

What do Russian women like?

hot sexy Russian girlThe littlest of things are the greatest things that can turn a hot sexy Russian girl on – what an irony. Even though Russian women are picky by nature and if allowed to choose – let’s say a cloth – will go for the finest but when it becomes a gift, they lay emphasis on the heart with which the giver has given and not on the gift. In fact, there is no better way of expressing your emotion to the Russian girl that you are dating or crushing on than by sending her a gift on a special day and Christmas prevents you with one of such opportunities.

There are different gifts you can send to your Russian date on Christmas day. The top on the list will definitely be a perfume – who doesn’t want to smell good? There is different designer’s perfume that you can wrap in a box and send to her. The secret about perfume is that she will carry your spell wherever she goes and it will constantly remind her of your love for her.

If you are just getting to know her, you may send her a bouquet of flowers. However, you have to be careful in choosing the color of your flower. Different colors have different meaning in Russian tradition. For example, yellow means unfaithfulness and when you give it to a date she will definitely understand what you mean.

You can also invite her to a hotel where you will pop champagne for her or hand her a box of chocolate. Russian girls know how to party hard and will really find this an opportunity to go wild – sadly, this cannot be done by those who are online-dating Russian women.

A less given gift which will also leave a lasting impression is for you to get her picture and give it to an artist to prepare a hand drawn portrait of her. Wrap it up and send it to her and she will surely place you in a special spot in her life.

the Russian girlThere is no limit to the amount of gifts what you can give to a Russian girl as a gift.  You just have to be creative and observe the peculiarity there is to your girl – every individual have their different preferences.

One thing you should never do is to give a cash gift. The problem with giving cash gifts is that no amount of cash will be ever seems to be enough. A gift as cheap as $50 can be highly appreciated whereas a cash gift of $100 will seem too small and the girl, instead of feeling excited, may end up feeling you could have done more.

What gift should you give to her family?

If you want to impress a Russian woman, then you must have her family at the back of your heart. Asian people are very closely knit with their family and if you must get her attention, you must get her attention too. The best gifts you can give to the kids in her family are to give them a set of toys. It is always best to observe what works for your date and leverage on it when sending her gifts.


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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