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Does an Online Relationship Count as Real? (Absolutely, And Here’s Why)

The role of online dating in our society has grown to the point that some men choose online flirt over the alternative, centuries-old method (approaching girls that you like on the street, buying them flowers, asking for their phone numbers, etc.). I know you are thinking about Russian brides.

With online dating, you don’t have to do it anymore. All you need is have access to internet, sign up on an online dating website, look at photos of Russian girls, choose the one you like (or as many as you like!) and start an online relationship.

photos of Russian girlsBut what if it takes a while to transform an online relationship into a face-to-face first date (or you’re so far away from one another that you simply have no other choice but to chat).

Can an online relationship count as a real, committed relationship?

This depends on several factors. Let’s take a look at them to know whether an online relationship can count as real (because just saying “I want to marry a Russian girl,” “you’re my girlfriend now, and I’m your boyfriend” doesn’t guarantee that you’re having a real thing here.

What makes an online relationship REAL?

hot Russian girls videoYou and the Russian beauty you chat with are committed to each other. You don’t have to be physically intimate to form a real relationship. Even though you never see each other in person, your relationship has to feel real in order to count as real.

Having hot Russian girls video chats may feel like you’re special in her life, but ask yourself this question, “Based on the things she says and how she describes her days, do you get a feeling that she’s not seeking anyone at the moment (i.e. chatting with you is enough for her)?

Your conversations feel emotionally intimate. You don’t necessarily need to be holding hands or hugging Russian brides to connect emotionally with a girl, and that’s the beauty of online dating (another beauty of online dating is that you can find the most beautiful Russian women in the world on online dating sites).

That’s why long-distance relationship work without two individuals having to sleep in one bed together. It may be challenging to spot emotional connection right away – but deep down you can feel it once it’s there.

There’s romantic attraction… clearly. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you need to be able to tell the difference between a romantic attraction and friendship.

hot Russian womenStay away from phrases such as “I love Russian girls” while chatting with her, as this may be a dangerous territory and she may think that you’re just another guy (out of hundreds who have messaged her this week) that is just trying to have sex with as many Russian ladies as possible.

Make her feel special and build this romantic attraction between the two of you.

You know her morals and values. High morals and values are two prominent characteristics of Russian women (and this is probably one of the reasons why you want a Russian beauty to be your girlfriend).

It takes a while to really get to know a girl’s morals and values, but once you do, you can easily tell whether or not she’s committed to this online relationship.

You get personal… and flirty. If you have very personal conversations, chances are you’re already in a real online relationship. No Russian girl would share her deep, personal information with any stranger online, which is why you may have a real thing here.

In fact, if you’re having very intimate and sexy video chats, she’s probably very serious about this relationship between the two of you (given the popularity of sexy Russian girls videos, a decent Russian woman would think twice before engaging in such video chats with strangers).

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