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Is Your Overanalyzing Ruining Your Relationship With Hot Russian Women

Have you found that dating hot Russian women to be a bit of a challenge? Do you find yourself questioning your every move and your every response to these Russian women, only to find yourself empty handed once again, pondering what went wrong?

The answer is quite simple. You are overanalyzing your actions. Dating Russian woman is much like a game, especially in the early stages.

If you are seeking Russian ladies online, you must learn how to flirt with them and come to realize they expect heaps of flirtation before they are expected to return any such sentiment in return. During the early stages of dating, Russian girls, in the 21st century have learned that playing a little hard to get has won them the attention of many valued suitors. So, for you to be successful, you must quit scrutinizing and learn to play along.Russian dating

What to do first

Many suitors on dating sites are seeking a bride. Therefore, they start the game promising these Russian women in the world, they lay the compliments on thick and the vows and promises on thicker. They hope to marry Russian girl online if possible. For you to be successful, a Russian woman has to see that you are not one of these hopeless suitors and are sincere. To do this, you must choose among the Russian ladies and date one at a time.  In attempting Russian dating, pursue only one beauty at a time and be persistent.


After being on a Russian Singles Dating site for a few months and speaking with Russian ladies, you have developed a relationship with an incredibly beautiful Russian woman, and you can’t believe your luck. It is your insecurity and disbelief that can lead you to start overanalyzing things in your relationship and ruin the relationship before it has a fighting chance.

  1. Don’t believe its too good to be true – If you are funny, intelligent, have a good job, and have actively pursued your Russian beauty and she is responsive. Be happy with what you have. Go with it, don’t over think it.
  2. Don’t avoid talking about feelings – if she is sharing her feelings, by all means, don’t be afraid of sharing yours also. Expressing your feelings is one of the bravest actions anyone can do; be open and honest from the beginning.Russian-Woman
  3. Don’t over analyze where she is when she’s not with you. Show her you trust her by letting her still have her life and independence. Show interest in her day without being jealous of your time apart.
  4. Don’t avoid the future – if you want to see yourself married to a Russian bride in five years, discuss your future with the Russian women you have met. Make sure you have the same goals but that you are not reading more into the relationship than she may be.
  5. Don’t expect a future Russian woman to want to quit her job and move to America. Even Russian female order brides who are seeking foreign husbands aren’t all anxious to leave the motherland. Many are devoted to their families, their education, and their careers. While they may be the ideal homemaker, they may want to make their homes in Russia and want you to move there. Don’t assume all Russian girls here, in Russia, want to leave Russia.

Signs You’ve Blown It

Are there ways in Russian Dating to know when you have blown it, so you can quit overanalyzing ever single action? The answer is yes! If your Russian women start doing the following, you can either try harder to gain her affection, or throw in the towel and move on.

If after dating a few months she suddenly changes the topic of conversation, starts working late, starts hanging out with friends more, and uses the bedroom for sleep then the relationship is hanging in the balance. It is time to question the validity of it. Now is the time to question it, not before these warning signals. Don’t let it get to this level. Keep the fires going before it gets to this point.