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Marry a Russian Woman, Buy Her Sexy Lingerie and Stock Up On Alcohol – Best Life Advice

Every man needs a Russian woman in his life. Period. A girlfriend, friend, colleague, doctor or even personal trainer (imagine beautiful Russian women in tight pants – well, you get the idea). But even better – a Russian wife.

If you’re sitting there with a glass of whiskey in your hand, looking for women for marriage, stop right there: Russian wife is exactly what you’re looking for, or Russian matrimonial.

Don’t believe us? Then go Google ‘images of Russian women’.  Angel-like facial features and stunning female bodies don’t sound convincing enough? Well, then check out these 5 undebatable reasons to marry a Russian woman.

Russian singles in USAAnd don’t worry, you don’t need to travel overseas to marry a Russian babe, as there are plenty of Russian singles in USA. And Russian girls Moscow and in America are equally awesome.

#1 Russian girls are fun to be around

Beautiful Russian babes love to have a good time. Enjoying themselves is an essential part of every Russian woman’s life.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean all Russian women are alcoholics, as many may believe (though lots of alcohol is usually involved in that fun).

And in no way does it mean that Russian babes are incapable of having serious conversations. A Russian woman can let loose and have fun, but she knows exactly where to draw a line and be serious.

Learning to pronounce female names in Russia alone is a fun activity — and your Russian babe will surely teach you a few Russian profanities.

#2 Russian women will feed you full

Russian women are understanding, tender and caring. They’re basically meant to be the best wives ever. And their cooking – passed around for many generations – is just *yummy*…

By marrying a Russian girl, you get a life-long membership to never feel hungry and be fed with some of the most delicious dishes in the world: pelmeni, beef Stroganoff, Russian pancakes, okroshka and many other mouth-watering dishes you’ve never tried in your entire life.

You’re missing out big time, fellas. Seriously.

#3 Russian women take extra care of themselves

You’ve probably heard this dozens times before: Russian girls are one of the most beautiful girls in the world (probably part of the reason why you’re here).

Just think about it: when you’re married to a Russian woman, other men will literally envy you that you’ve managed to win over the heart of such a beauty.

Russian women put extra effort into looking sexy. In addition to being blessed with natural looks (think: a Russian wife looks beautiful even without makeup), Russian women also love to dress pretty. Think: sexy lingerie, high heels, stockings…

Russian girls are the queens of taking extra care of themselves. Bonus: Russian women age gracefully, which means she’ll always look as beautiful and sexy as she does in her 20s.

#4 Russian girls are friendly and super sweet

Just because Russian girls are so beautiful and sexy doesn’t necessarily mean they are cold and mean. On the contrary, Russian women are the sweetest people in the world — but only after you pass the trust test.

It’s true that you will never see a Russian woman smiling at strangers, but once you get to know each other — whether you’re chatting online or speaking in person — a Russian babe becomes the sweetest person you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Still not thinking about Russia matrimonial? Then how about being able to keep alcohol at your house?

#5 Russian wife will let you keep alcohol at house

As we’ve mentioned above, cute Russia girls love to have fun with alcohol every now and then.

That means they always have alcohol at their house. Furthermore, it means a Russian wife will always let you keep a bottle or two (or three) of whiskey (preferably vodka though) at your house.

Even Russian women in America are following this rule: ‘Always have alcohol at your house — you might need it very soon’. And it’s a smart rule, especially when all local liquor stores are closed and you desperately need