November 28, 2023

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Why do Russian women choose to date older men?

You can’t surprise anyone with age gaps nowadays. While young and beautiful  Russian girls dating older men is nothing new, not every girl knows the benefits of dating older men.

Dating a man way older is like opening a candy and not knowing what’s inside. Well, let me tell you something: that candy might actually be the sweetest thing you’ve ever tried in your life.

When older men are hitting on beautiful Russian women in real life or on a dating website – they often respond with, “Dating you would be like dating my father.” But that’s only because they’re unaware of unexpected advantages of dating someone way older.

Answering the question if the age gap makes a difference: yes, it does. There are several facts about dating older men that will convince you that dating someone older is actually a pretty damn good idea.

Sex: forget about passionless and boring thrusting in and out

Having sex with an older man is always making love. Older man know how to touch girls, they know what women love to make them enjoy sex as much as they do.

Sex with older men is always intimate. Their sexual experience can seriously spice things up in the bedroom if you’re in the mood for it (and let’s face it: we’re in that mood pretty often).

You can keep your sexy bush and have better sex

Older men grew up in the times when the bush was sexy. And it is sexy. Older men don’t mind when their lady has the bush on her private parts.

While the obvious benefit of it is that you’ll no longer need to shave or perform those painful waxing and plucking procedures, there’s also a hidden, unexpected benefit.

And that is: sporting the bush liberates you and makes you feel free, as you become a “natural woman.” That “natural woman” unleashes a wild tigress in the bedroom, and trust me when I say this — your man will love it!Russia singles

Older man make you feel secure, safe and comfortable

In recent years, beautiful Russian girls have become more open to dating older men, in part because Russia singles are looking for stability in life. That’s because we’re done dating jerks who dump us every time they feel insecure in a relationship.

Dating an older man almost always guarantees a stable relationship. An older man knows what he likes and what he wants from life. If he chose you instead of some older Russian woman, then he knows exactly what he’s looking for.

Older men radiate inner confidence, which certainly makes us – women – feel more secure, safe, comfortable and less vulnerable.

No drama and other bullsh*t

Dating an older man whose ultimate goal is to marry Russian girls almost always guarantees less drama and bullsh*t, the two culprits that often destroy relationships between two younger people.

If an older man wants to start a serious relationship with you – or even marry you – that’s usually not some premature decision that he’ll later regret.

When dating or marrying an older man, you can be sure that he’s had enough one night stands, one-day loves and is actually looking to start a family.

Older man won’t look for a younger woman to replace you

If a man is dating a younger woman, it’s almost a 99%-guarantee that he won’t go looking for a younger woman in a few years or decades, something many our age-mates do to us in their 40s and 50s.

That’s because you’ll always be young for him. In fact, it’s actually a two-way street, because an older man will always make sure he satisfies you enough so you don’t leave him for some younger dude. So it would make no sense for an older man to start an affair and cheat on you.

An older man always appreciates our youth and makes us feel desired for decades to come. I mean, what else do we need from marriage?

Older men are financially secure

Older men are financially secure. And that doesn’t mean they are all rich. But it does mean that older men know where there money is, and they know how to spend it.

I know how annoying it is to hear the phrase, “I have to focus on my career right now,” but you’ll most likely never hear that phrase from an older man, because he’s had enough time to build his career.

Forget about paying for dinners — your man will take care of that, because older men provide for their families. And if a man is financially secure, he’s ready to start a family, something older man keep in mind when they go looking to find Russian girl on a dating website.

Dating younger women: benefits for older men

Many young Russian girls find it rather disappointing to date younger guys who have no financial stability to offer, have no idea what they want from life and end up cheating on Russian girls – this explains the number of singles Russia has.

When an older man goes on a mission to find a Russian girlfriend, that man most of the times knows that he can offer what any woman wants and desires. And he’ll be rewarded for that, because marrying younger women has its own perks.

A younger wife will always make you look better in the eyes of your business partners and friends; she’ll be beautiful and sexy for years to come; you’ll always want her as much as you did the second you laid your eyes on her; and younger girls can be very adventurous in the bedroom!