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Russian Girls: 5 Hottest Female Professions

What is it about certain female professions that make men go crazy (literally)? Whenever you see Russian girls on duty in these hottest female professions, it makes you want to think, “Hey, I want that girl!

Although men’s preferences are as varied as their culinary tastes, it’s safe to say that men would live in a paradise if all beautiful Russian women worked ONLY in these five professions.

Needless to say, getting a Russian girl single of either of these five professions is every man’s dream. But here’s another side of the coin to consider: there’s a whole lot of competition out there (these are sexiest women professions, after all!).

So you’ll need to have a trump card up your sleeve to impress and get a Russian beautiful lady of these jobs – and we’ll teach you that today!

And also, don’t forget to consider if these goddesses are worth the risk. You don’t want to be playing with fire (ouch!).

Personal trainerRussian hot ladies

You’ve seen this in your local gym numerous times: instead of huffing and puffing while doing bench presses and squats, muscular men literally line up to stare at sexiest female personal trainers.

And it goes well beyond the mere fact that personal trainers – in 99% cases – have some of the most beautiful bodies every.

There’s also something about hiring a female personal trainer and just staring at her as she’s trying to tell you the basics of fitness (which you probably know already).

Since female personal trainers are so fit, they obviously make heads turn for all the right reasons (and they are the reason why many fellas skip the leg day… too many distractions!).

And also: yoga pants. Who doesn’t love to see Russian hot ladies wearing yoga pants .

How to pick up a personal trainer: that’s challenging given the competition from all the buff dudes with their perfect, God-like-cut six packs.

These dudes may be flexing their muscles in front of a female fitness trainer, but the reality is that – for whatever reason – only a handful of them will actually approach her.

That’s your golden ticket right there – stand out from the crowd and start a conversation. And don’t treat her like she’s someone out of your league. Hey, she’s just a regular girl wearing yoga pants.

Yes, it’s distracting, but just talking to her and avoiding complimenting her booty right off the bat will do the trick (she’s has heard thousands of those compliments, trust me).

sexy Russian dating


So clean, tidy, gorgeous and so hospital. A true angel. And she’s in the skies… She’s definitely an angel!

That’s how the stream of consciousness of almost all men traveling by plane goes every time they see a beautiful stewardess on a flight.

And really, she knows how to take care of every passenger. And she likes the adventure and danger of flying. She’s a risky tigress. Isn’t it sexy? And trust me on this one: Russian women photo showing that they work as stewardesses rank higher on dating site Russia (take a hint!).

How to pick up a stewardess: if you’re flying from or to Russia and you notice a cute Russian beautiful lady among the flight’s stewardesses, don’t start mumbling and fainting when she approaches you and asks if you’d like some tea or coffee.

Instead, keep it cool and confident. Have your charisma radiate through the sky – and, even if you’re not flying business class, let the cute stewardess lean toward you, and introduce yourself with confidence and class.

I bet no one has done it to her in her entire career. After the flight, you can approach her and give her your business card or a piece of paper with your number on it.


You’ve seen it coming, haven’t you?

She can care for you, she will feed with a spoon you and give you your meds. She will come running when you call her name. A nurse is your savior, and Russian girls nurses look extra gorgeous in those irresistible skirts, high heels and white stockings.

Russian girl single

In fact, every time she approaches you, you need to clear your throat and hide your sweaty palms. But don’t expect nurses to just fall into your lap – every nurse is busy doing her job, so you’ll have to be creative with how you pick her up.

How to pick up a nurse: it’s much easier if you encounter a nurse on a sexy Russian dating website. But what if you meet one in real life?

Don’t expect to see books or instructions on how to win over nurses at hospitals. They are just regular girls. Don’t complicate things for yourself. Just start a friendly conversation, smile a lot, and ask her out on a date. That’s it.


Is there anything better than walking into a bar after a hard day at work, and seeing a hot female bartender smile at you and serve you your favorite drink?

beautiful Russian women

A lot of Russian hot ladies work as bartenders in Russia and in Western countries, so it’s a win-win. Female bartenders know how to mix drinks – and they likely love drinking, too – so they make perfect wives.

How to pick up a bartender: when you elbow your way through the crowd of drunk men and make it all the way to the bar, ask for a drink and start a conversation. And don’t forget about tips. And never do it drunk (that’s pathetic).charmdate