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Sasha Fierce will guard your love kingdom

“The name Sasha is of Greek and Russian origin and means “Guardian of mankind” and it is mostly not used as a formal name but as a diminutive of Alexander and Alexandra.”
Got your attention yet? Oh yes.
Sexy Russian girls guard mankind”. But this pretty goddess is looking to guard just one man. And it could be you. All you have to do is relax, get to know her and she’s yours not only in your dreams but in reality.
Lets go.
russian wifeShe’s got the nice, olive mystic skin tone of a girl who does a lot of outdoor activity. And she does. She’s lovely to the eye, catches your eye and you feel like you just want to know her. Explore her. Read her. And love her.
She’s interesting to be around cause worldly, well read and just a cute Russian girl who knows what she wants.
Too much for you?
We are not done yet, lover!
The girl wants someone who can tango in love. You better know how to dance to the rhythm of her heart beat or else…I think you’ll be alright!
She can be your Russian girlfriend or you can take her home to Mama. She will do well with Mama like other Russian women. She will make one nice Russian wife for the cold nights as she stirs up some warm home cooked meal and later leads you to your warm cozy bed for a tumble…mmhhmmm
She spends her time well doing creative stuff, learning and am so sure she has some room to learn what her new lover would like. Are you willing to let her know? And after that, you all can start the fun you’ve been so yearning to receive in your life.
The zodiac signs align for this Gemini Russian Sexy girl as being fun and carefree. She’s a breath of fresh air and a blessing to your soul.

She’s clever and curious as many Russia women and she will ask you what pleases you and makes you be the man you wanna be for her. Fascination piece of fierceness.

Has she gotten in your head yet? And other places as well? Almost? Nah…Wait there’s more
She’s an adventurous lover. And you can be as well. She will let you in her heart and give you her body with a variety of choices to experiment with.
Are you that MAN? She asks. Are you the man that will make her happy, that will dance the sex tango and everything else that you have ever dreamt of?