January 18, 2022


International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides


It appears young Russian girls are in a rush to get married. A rough statistics in a dating site would be quite revealing. A good percentage of the girls you will find are either in their late teenage or early twenties. It has become like a tradition for girls to become young Russian brides while going through college because that is their best chance to find a man. Girls who don’t get married by the time they approach their mid-twenties are often referred to as old maids. Girls would prefer to be divorced rather than not to have married at all, hence, the high rates of divorce cases.

Hot young Russian girls who fail to trap a guy while in school will most often fall back to young Russian mail order brides or any other services rendered by dating websites to find a husband. Some have been successful but definitely not all. But in each case, it is always an adventure.

young Russian girlsBesides the social stigma, there are several other reasons that make sexy young Russian girls want to get married early. One of them is the practice of communal living. It is not uncommon to find three generations (grandparents, parents and grandchildren) living happily together under one roof. Even when they are not living together, the parents and grandparents always provide support to their children/grandchildren in any way they can. Some go as far as buying or renting homes for them and also taking care of their children while they pursue their academics.

The second reason that makes young sexy Russian girls want to get married is that when a child is born to young couples, they receive some monetary support from the government. The reason why the government do this is to cut down the number of divorce cases resulting from young couples not being able to cater for their children. In 2010, the amount given to young couples approximated to eleven thousand dollars.

In the past, girls usually get married to their age mate but the gap keeps widening. Couples whose age differ from between four to six years is now very common and acceptable. Since men are not under pressure like their female counterparts to get married early, lesser and lesser men are willing to get married at a young age, young Russian womeninstead would pursue a career and make some money. That is not, however, a good news to young Russian women because it means a lesser amount of men to marry. Little wonder these young ladies take to dating websites to find a husband.

The good thing about dating websites is that girls are no longer bound by location and it has taken off the pressure of girls scouting for boys while in school which may often expose them to a number of unacceptable social practices. The ease of joining a dating website is also welcoming. Most of them are free and would only require you to fill some boxes with some personal info and voilà, your account is created. It is also safe to use in that your privacy and information are protected by some terms and conditions.

No matter how far Russians live apart, they have this practice of coming together from time to time to spend time with their families. This may be a problem for girls that find love outside Russia with the help of dating websites especially if their husbands are not financially buoyant to support such leisure trips. But in the end, it is always better to be married than to deal with patronizing pity, right?