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Some Russian dating sites make it look like it’s the wild west out there. What are the rules of dating hot Russian girls?

Sometimes it seems like you can do literally anything online these days.

True story: I have a friend who got home very late from the bars one night and decided to order a riding lawnmower from Amazon using his credit card. When he told us the story the next day he said he was nearly to the point of completing the order, but the only thing that stopped him from going through with it is that he was so drunk he couldn’t read the CCV code on the back of his card.

sexy Russian girlsOr maybe it was that he was so drunk he couldn’t type the numbers in correctly.

Oh, did I mention this guy has no storage shed in which to park a riding lawnmower, he has no gas can from which to fill it, and, oh yeah, did I mention he lives in an apartment? HE HAS NO GRASS TO CUT!

But that’s the sense of the internet sometimes: it has no sense to it. Or at least that’s what some people think.

For instance when it comes to dating women from Russia using online dating websites, some people seem to think it’s the Wild West. They think you can get online, make a profile using a US credit card number, and bam, a catalogue of women will be available for purchase.

First of all, there’s a word for that and it isn’t dating.

Second, any reputable dating website will have rules and regulations set up preventing this sort of weirdness. One of the safest and most reputable Russian single woman websites out there is And as a more established site with a good rep, they are a good benchmark from which to measure what should and shouldn’t be allowed when it comes to dating Russian girls online.

Here’s a partial list of their rule and regulations:

  • Yes, you can find a number of different ways to talk to hot Russian ladies Charmdate has several ways to communicate:
  • EMF Mail — This is the first step, a way to establish communication across cultural barriers and let your love light shine! Free translation services will be provided for her.
  • Live Chat — You can communicate with instant messaging for an up-close and personal experience!
  • Love Call — Dude, a three-way! … phone call with a translator. Settle down there, Romeo. But this is a great way she can actually hear your voice, and let you get to know her on the next level
  • Gifts and Flowers — You can let her know how you really feel with just the right gift or flowers from our shop! This can really make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Cupid Date — this is what you’ve been waiting for: when everyone is ready, their service sets up everything for your perfect first meeting.

Russian senior datingHowever you cannot:

  • Buy a mail-order Russian bride – Again, there’s a couple of different names for buying people, and “dating” and “chat” are not among them. is an amazing platform on which Western men can meet, converse with, message and see live streaming video of sexy Russian girls. Heck, they even have a portal for Russian senior dating. But is it a place where you can point to picture in a catalogue and have a girl shipped to your homestead? No. It is not.
  • Buy a woman’s time or attention – Charmdate is not an escort service. Members are paying to use the portal, they are not hiring sexy Russian girls to attend to them personally for a given period of time.

As with anywhere else you go, in real life or online, be respectful, fellas. That’s all you really have to remember. And have fun!