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The New Dating Rules

News for new daters

If it’s been a while since you were in the dating game, there is some news fro you: The officials just changed the rules. It is not a totally bad thing though. The new dating rules are quite easy to follows, and with a little mastering, dating will be easier for you than it previously was. Are you ready to meet Colombian girls, take them out and win yourself a brand new love? Well, here are the new rules for you.

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Seven rules of dating 2017

Rule 1: Forget about age

Don’t get turned off just because the girl you went to check out is two or three years your senior. People (especially ladies) are aging quite charmingly these days. Forty years is still young, and Mariah Carey is living proof. The point is, as long as single women in Colombia suit what you need, roll with them. This new rule applies to ladies too. Look at the man, not how old he is.

Rule 2: Date on the phone

Technology has not been everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you happen to a date Latin woman today, make it your friend. Your phone will allow you to see who is available and how far they are from you physically. If your date is the kind that shows some skin, you can assess their assets before you meet.

Rule 3: Let the lady lead

This rules means that you date at the girl’s pace. Don’t let your testosterone get the better of you. If she doesn’t feel like giving that goodbye kiss after the first date, let her be. And if a beautiful Latino girl says she wants a sleep over at your place after the first date, enjoy the ride. Don’t talk too dirty when sexting, let her start it.

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Rule 4: Multi-dating is not a crime

Having two or three dates at the same time is not wrong unlike in the earlier days. It is totally acceptable when you date ladies online. Before men bar their teeth in a smile, they should know that ladies do some multi-dating too. Free advice: don’t take a multi-dating lady for a loose one. There are a few rules when multi-dating naty girls. First, meet them separately other wise prepare for the aftermath. Also, do NOT confuse their names. When you are going to a date with one say her name a couple of times first. Finally, don’t call the others when on date. Multi-tasking is not friends with multi-dating.

Rule 5: She can split the bill

Yes she can. If your hot Colombia girl offers to settle the bill or a part of it, don’t stiffen up and fuss over it. She is not thinking you incapable. In fact, she is experimenting whether you can stomach a confident ‘Miss Independent’.  Keep calm and smile, it’s a new rule.

Rule 6: Don’t take your time

Men always love taking slow at first. They call two or three days after the first date. Well, if you happen to date a Colombian girl, she would want you to call her after twenty four hours. This is a fact backed research. Also, decide quickly whether you should continue dating or not. Fifteen minutes are enough for a woman to either cut you out or take you in. Don’t waste too much time on a date without a good direction.

Rule 7: Date after marriage

The last new rule on how to date a Colombian woman rule is that dating should continue after you tie the knot. Don’t take this a cheating license. Take your spouse out from time to time. Don’t let marriage kill that spark that brought you together in the first place.

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