5 Common Things Women Say And What They Really Mean

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Truth be told: women are, have always been and will always be complicated. If you are a guy, you can attest that they are a special kind of species that is quite difficult to understand. Heck, they don’t even understand themselves half of the time! Just so you know, Colombian girls aren’t different either. Just like other women, they like to play games, drop hints and say just about anything other than what they really mean. In case you are thinking of hitting on a beautiful Colombian girl, you should be familiar with some of the terms that will be coming out of her mouth. Here are commonest things women say and what they really mean:

I’m fine/It’s okay

An unsuspecting guy will be naïve to think that the coast is clear and that everything is alright when any of the beautiful Latin girls he’s hitting on says that she’s fine or that everything is okay. If you get to hear any of those phrases, chances are that she isn’t fine and/or everything isn’t okay. What you need to do is to take note of the tone of her voice and her body language. She might not tell you outright that she isn’t fine the first time you ask. If you prod further by asking, “are you sure you are fine”, be ready for a venting session.

Don’t worry about it/It’s nothing

If you’re wise, you really should worry about the very same thing she tells you not to worry about. If she utters those four or two words, it means that she expected you to do something about something and you didn’t. The words that might be in her head at that exact moment are “I cannot count on you for anything”. Poor you! Hot Dominican ladies will use those words to try to be cautious, but it’s best that you start worrying.

hot girls in ColombiaWe need a break/I need space

Oops! What that generally means is that you need to get yourself some tissues because you are in line to be her ex. If any of the hot girls in Colombia is madly in love with you, she wouldn’t want a break, nor would she need space. She would want to spend every single minute around you. When she says that she needs space, she is probably hinting that she needs some freedom or is looking for an excuse to cheat. Grab those tissues now, won’t you?

Let’s take it slow/Things are going too fast

This is another common phrase that Colombian singles use a lot so if you are interested in one of them, you should be alert. What that phrase generally means that the lady hasn’t decided yet if she likes you enough to take it to the next level. Piece of advice – tone it down a bit.

Do whatever you want/It’s up to you

Ooh boy! It’s right about time that you abort that mission. I repeat, abort! That is a phrase that South American women hot will use just to find out if their men know them well enough to be able to guess what they want them to do.  If you have had a disagreement with your woman about something that you are planning to do and she happens to tell you those words, you probably should reconsider.

It is good to understand that these things that women say do not necessary mean one thing during all situations. So, it would be wise if you don’t jump into conclusion when a woman says any of those things when you meet girls chat. The idea here is to get to know what most of them usually mean when those words. Once you get acquainted with the woman’s dictionary, it will be easy for you to marry Columbian woman with ease.

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