why russian women are so beautiful

Why Beautiful Women Date Less Attractive Guys?

I’m sure you’ve seen this numerous times: some russian gorgeous lady with a guy that is, well, not very attractive, to say the least.

“Money,” you immediately think. “Stunning russian girls date ugly guys only for money.” Well, not really.

While it’s nothing extraordinary to see beautiful a russian woman dating a not very attractive guy only for money, there are also numerous other reasons why gorgeous Russian women prefer less attractive men over handsome, Zac Efron-type of guys.

russianladyYou’ve seen this hundreds of times: a gorgeous lady, with a stunning body, wearing high heels, a tight dress, with the face of an angel……and a U-man (U stands not only for U-gly, but also U-nbeautiful) by her side, who have noticeable problems with how he looks: either he dresses like a complete weirdo, he’s bald, fat, short, covered with pimples… you name it!

Now, how could possibly a U-man attract gorgeous russian girles and not get automatically rejected before he even says a word to her or after she sees his profile picture on dating website before replying to him?


Let’s get the most commonly mentioned reason out there first: he’s super rich. While it’s true that ugly but rich guys have a huge advantage with dating russianwives, this is not the most important aspect.

If it’s not lots of cash that attract a russianlady in a U-man, then what are their secret weapon?

Ugly secret

Let me ask you this: who told you that beautiful ladies date ONLY handsome guys? It’s a well-known fact that a handsome man is more likely to dump his girlfriend – no matter how gorgeous she is – and cheat on her because he attracts tons of other girls (and sometimes men just can’t resist that attention from girls).

russian girls

You can wonder “why russian women are so beautiful” all you want, but ask yourself this: “why should a gorgeous Russian lady necessarily date a great-looking guy?”

When a U-man approaches best russian brides – who seek stability, care and true love in their partner – and he’s fun, smart, honest and more importantly – trustworthy – they see an opportunity to bring stability into their life.

This is a major panty dropper, if you may call it that.

Ugly men ‘create’ beautiful girls

Most gorgeous russian girls weren’t gorgeous their entire life. In most cases, there was a moment – or a guy – that made her beautiful.

This is the advantage U-men have over good-looking guys: if you want to date a beautiful russian woman, you don’t need to LOOK for a beautiful russian lady.


U-men usually have this ability to spot a beautiful girl who’s not necessarily beautiful at the moment. She may lack self-esteem, have no sex appeal, wear glasses and live in a library…

But here’s the thing: you can turn ANY girl into a sexy lady. And just because you see a U-man holding hands with a gorgeous Russian girl doesn’t mean she has always been so gorgeous.

He may have made her recognize her potential by complimenting her and making her feel desired. These two things can do wonders to a woman. Trust me on that.

Good-looking guys can be a turn-off

Not all girls are attracted to handsome fellas. For example, a rich Russian girl would rather date a less attractive guy because subconsciously rich women tend to think that handsome guys are dating them only for their money.

And trust me on this: every beautiful girl has most likely dated dozens of guys, and I’m sure most of them were handsome and good-looking. But since she’s still single now, all those good-looking guys turned out to be complete morons.

What I’m saying is that gorgeous russian girls toronto or living in Russia, they’re all fed up with head games that attractive guys have played on them to get into their panties.

All girls want to find a real man, who’ll make her feel desired, sexy and cared for for years or decades to come. Russian women love stability, and pardon the tautology, but they love to be loved.