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“Will a hot Russian girl date me if I have a child?!”

You know, we often hear such questions as “Will a Russian girl be OK that I have a child?”, “Is it possible to start a new romantic relationship when you’re divorced and have a small child?”, etc.
To not keep you hanging, we’re going to say it loud and clear now: Russian women think single dads are… sexy. And even if you and your former wife share custody for the child, Russian women still don’t mind dating you.
russian beautiesSo answering your big question: “Will Russian women date men with children?”, the answer is: Yes, they will. However, we won’t lie to you – there are those Russian beauties who have qualms about dating men with children, but they are the minority.
Blended families are a common thing in international dating, which is why nobody looks upon this matter as if it’s something extraordinary. We’re all grown ups and we understand that things… happen. And Russian girls are no exception.
However, one thing to keep in mind is that you should be open and honest about being a father from the very start of the conversation. Nobody likes unexpected surprises a few weeks after you think you know the person. And the only way to be open and honest about it is by accepting your status as a father.
If you Google ‘Russian women pics’ and ‘Russian girls images’ and look at those beauties, you’d probably wonder: why would any of them want to deal with my problems – my child? But that’s wrong thinking. Russian women are understanding and loving creatures. They are born into this world to carry love and family values.
Besides, Russians are known for keeping the ties with their families tight. So unless your Russian gf is part of some Don Corleone family, she will have no problem accepting your child. Maybe one day she will even accept your child as her own. Every Russian girl has a loving mother living inside of her, which is why it would be against her nature to not be comfortable with her man’s status of being a dad.
The easiest way to find a Russian woman of your dreams that would accept your status as a father is to look on Russian dating sites. The reason is simple: you can let her know that you’re a father on your profile by attaching a picture of you and your child or by writing a few lines in your description about you being a father.russian dating site
After that, you won’t have to remind her that you’re a father every 5 minutes in the conversation. The fact that she’s chatting with you means that she’s already accepted the fact that you’re a father. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t talk about your child unless the Russian girl is open to it and asks the questions herself. You don’t want to be that type of man who can’t stop blabbering about his child.
So doesn’t matter what’s your type of a Russian woman is: a young hot Russian blonde or maybe a curvy gorgeous brunette – know this: if you really want to get the woman, don’t let your fears or insecurities about your status stand in the way.