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Women Seeking Men:Does She Secretly Want You to Call Instead of Text?

Now that we’ve gotten so used to swiping left and right on our Smart phones, is there any easier way to communicate than to send a quick TEXT? Texting is instantaneous. For women seeking men, she gets the instant gratification of knowing you thought about her. For men dating Latino girls, you get an immediate reply to your messages.

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As to the way text messaging works for you, you each have control over how fast or how long to keep the conversation going. Back and forth, you can reply with short quips and witty remarks. She won’t hear you hesitating or stammering over a line, as might happen when you’re actually talking.

Apparently, nothing could be more convenient than communicating through texting. Having invested in the newest phone and latest apps, you could say you’re “up-to-date” with the features of the most popular dating sites.

Still, is there another way to tickle a beautiful Latinas fancy other than through GIFs and emoticons? Although emoticons display a multitude of different expressions, they fail to convey the exact tone of a message that can best be delivered through VOICE.

Thus, have you considered giving pretty Latin girls a PHONE CALL? Does she secretly want you to call rather than text?

Usually, when single dating, it helps to introduce your intention to call through a preliminary text. For example, you may text and ask first if it’s alright to call and when would be a good time to chat. This shows respect and consideration for the time of others.

Remember: There’s nothing outdated about giving Latin women a call. However, be aware of the difference in time zone. Don’t give Medellin girls a call in the middle of the night or at the start of a work week. Avoid using your phone to call her when you’re bored or when you just want to chitchat. Too much of small talk and too little of content will eventually lead to nowhere because it’s too shallow.

Also, calling too early in the courtship stage could leave you raw and unprepared. Without a script to guide or your thoughts in place, you could ramble on with the conversation. If she’s not pleased with the outcome of your talk, then she won’t seek your next call.

Instead of exhausting yourselves through long, winding conversations, why not use phone calls to set a date or to plan a travel? Call her when there’s a special occasion or when you can be of comfort to her. During a crisis or emergency, show her that you care and that you’re there.

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When you call a woman, give her your full, undivided ATTENTION. She’ll know it from your voice if you’re tired and distracted. But then, she’ll also hear the warmth and pleasure in your voice as she speaks and sounds pretty in Latin.

Don’t forget that a phone chat can also convert into a video call. Through FaceTime, Messenger, and other apps used in dating Latin women, you’ll be visible to each other. That’s if you’re confident that’s it’s time to see each other face to face.

RAPPORT is another thing you can detect by making a phone call. Does she sound happy to hear from you? Does she actually laugh at your jokes and share your humor? Is there a rare kind of chemistry between you?

Since CHEMISTRY implies a reaction, this is hard to decipher when you’re simply texting Latino girls. So, before you actually meet a woman in person, find out how all-around compatible you are through an exchange of text messages, emails, and phone calls.

Women Seeking Men,dating Latino girls,