March 21, 2023

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Dating Colombian Women: When to Kiss Your Date

To kiss or not to kiss. That seems to be the question. When dating Colombian women, lovely as they are, when is the right time to kiss?

Although we’re pretty sure you can’t wait to be treated to the sweetness of Colombian candy-licious lips, there are certain needs to heed. Whether written or unwritten, these rules apply not only to Colombian dating but also to dating in general.

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This bring us to: When should you kiss? When dating Latin women, usually, the best time to kiss and be kissed would be at the end of a date. Having set the tone, it’s the final note to a perfect and pleasurable night.

When you’re walking her home, should it be as you stand outside her doorstep? If you’re driving instead, should it be before she gets out of her seat? If you’re stuck in a crowded place like an office party, the dance floor, or a New Year’s celebration, should it be before the clock strikes twelve?

Clearly, there’s no right or wrong time when you’re eager to kiss single Colombian ladies. Common decency dictates, however, that we exercise some social courtesies especially when we’re at a fancy restaurant or in front of other people, especially the youth. Although kissing is a show of longing and passion, it’s just as important not to make it appear like a make-out session or a public display of affection.

What’s more, it would be just as considerate of Colombian females if you probed first and opened up about your desire to kiss her. For example, say something like: “I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night” or “You’ve made me so happy in the hours we’ve been together. Nothing would make me happier than to share a kiss with you.” However you phrase it, it is the MESSAGE which matters and the CONSENT that the other person gives.

So, should you ask for a kiss? The proper thing to do, of course, would be to ask for a kiss and not to demand one. At any rate, give her a few moments to respond before you lunge at her or go for her lips. If she laughs off your intention to kiss and makes a weak excuse, then forget the idea. Although it may be awkward and painful to be declined, you’ll have to be a good sport and respect her wishes. There will be better kisses and more welcoming kissers once you meet the Colombian love of your dreams.

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Do you get to kiss a Colombian girl on your first date? For Colombian teen girls who are new to love, the first kiss could be at the end of a date. It may not necessarily be on the first one, because it could happen a couple of dates later when intimacy happens more naturally. When love is young and carefree, however, your passion prompts you to kiss as soon and as often as possible.

The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong time for that first kiss to happen. Again, it just happens naturally when you meet Colombian girls who feel right for you. Without ado, there’s no reason to delay, thinking that you are honoring her feelings. Who knows if, after all of this time, she too might be anticipating and expecting it?

The key to getting that kiss right would be to let it happen when you are both happy and sure. Often times, there’s no need to prepare long, elaborate speeches or to make huge, empty promises. The important thing is to be in the moment and to be with the person. In other words, cherish the experience and make it memorable!

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